Friday, April 1, 2022

A ~ Auction Preparation

    Last week my siblings and I traveled to my Dad's house.
    He has not been doing well living alone, and after several months of living at my brother's house in a different state they decided to make it permanent.
    That meant we had to sort everything Dad and Mom had accumulated over the past 40 some years. 
    The tiny home Dad is planning to build at my brother's place, won't hold a lot. So the sorting was intense.
    A few pieces of furniture and several boxes of other things is all he is keeping. He gave us children first choice at everything else, but even though there were so many things with memories attached, I really didn't need or have room for almost anything. My siblings felt the same way.
    Box after box was filled and stacked in the guest bedrooms where they will remain until the auction in May.
    We got most of the house done, which makes me feel like sitting in a corner and crying. I know Mom doesn't care we're selling her things. She has so much better in heaven, but it's hard.
    I hope the people who end up buying the things at the auction will enjoy them and create many new and happy memories with them.
    I don't think I can handle being there to watch though. It was hard enough preparing for the auction. To actually see things get sold and getting scattered into many different homes ... I don't think I can do it.


  1. It is very hard to get rid of things that were once thought precious, we found that moving to this bungalow, but once I started it wasn't as hard as I thought. I do hope your Dad will settle and love his new home, I'm sure he will as he'll be will family.. Every Blessing for his move.

  2. Change is incredibly difficult. Good job getting though as much as you did.

  3. Things change so radically as we get older, sadly. I think you are right, your mother would not want to see him burdened by 'things', and they will no doubt benefit other families.

  4. Those items will have a another life and be used and treasured at their new home. It's good that they will continue to serve other's needs, rather than being consigned to the trash heap.
    But I understand. There are so many "things" at my folk's house that none of us need or want. Still, knowing that my parents care about them will make it hard to see them leave our family.

  5. We just got through doing the same thing with my mother's belongings; some we kept, but so many things we had to give away. It is a hard task to say the least. I'm glad you had siblings to help with this.

  6. It's hard to do this, and I understand - I've been through the process twice. My mother in law had lived in the house she and her husband raised four children in for over 50 years but her health was deteriorating. I think your Dad will be happy in his new living situation and I am thankful there is family support for him.

  7. I feel for you as I just did my mom's house last year. Even though I had pretty much already taken what I wanted... there was so much still I wanted as I went through everything. It's hard... as those were their treasures. Take lots of photos to save for yourself.

  8. It’s saying goodbye to so many memories. That is very difficult.

  9. I'm sure it's really hard, but I know there will be people who buy those things who will treasure and appreciate them. Focus on that thought.

  10. The things may pave way for the buyers to build some beautiful memories too and that lifeless object would have an invisible connection between your happy times and theirs, isnt it ? Having said that i could be possessive about some things with no logical explanation at times ha ha ... visiting from AtoZ challenge. My link below

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