Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Currently ...

 Reading ... in the Bible, this morning ... Philippians. 

In other books I have both of Peggy Rowe's books here waiting on me to dive in. I borrowed them from the library and they're due back on Saturday, so I'm hoping to get to them soon.

I'm having a harder time the last while simply reading for pleasure, but I have been enjoying stacks of non-fiction books on various topics of interest. Those include straw bale gardening, foraging for mushrooms, basket weaving, and of course lots of cookbooks.

Writing ... my writing has mostly consisted of writing letters to my Dad. 

I have attempted working on my in progress book, but found it frustrating, difficult, and hard to focus, so it has been pushed to the back burner, so to speak.

Watching ... a nature show called Eden: Untamed Planet.  So far we have really enjoyed it.

Listening ... to a scolding bird and the mournful moos of a cow who has been separated from her calf. I'm not sure if the bird is having some kind of problem, or is simply as tired of listening to the cow as I am.

Baking ... yesterday a pan of dark cherry bars were made. They turned out beautifully which is always a pleasure when trying a new recipe.

Cooking ... tonight there will be a curried vegetable stew and some herbed dinner rolls.

Feeling ... a bit all over the place. There's so much to be happy and thankful for. There's also sadness, concern, and other emotions all scrambled together.

Disliking ... flooded basements. Our late 1800's farmhouse has always had a stream of water running through the basement during spring thaws and when ever we have abundant rains. The floor is sloped so that it usually stays in a proper little stream all the way to the drain. 

With hurricane Ida sweeping through here on Wednesday and depositing loads of rain we experienced more flooding than we have had since moving here. The creek spilled over its banks and water covered the road. The basement drain no longer had a place to drain to. We ended up with several inches of water in the basement. Not horrible, but not pleasant either. 

Loving ... how nice the basement is since we cleaned it out after the flooding. There's still a bit of work to do down there, but at least all the flood damaged things have been cared for.

I intend to continue with the fall housecleaning as soon as I'm done with the basement.

Hiking ... we've been enjoying getting outdoors. There's something so healing and rejuvenating about spending time in nature.

Later today ... I'll be canning grape juice.  We won't be getting a whole lot this year, but even a few quarts are better than nothing.

We're all looking forward to enjoying it with popcorn later this winter.