Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bit of an Update

    First up ... thank you so much for all the prayers!
    Yesterday marked two weeks since the accident/explosion in which LV was hurt, and hospitalized for several days.
     He has made a lot of progress in healing already. His face looks basically back to normal after all the pieces of rusty shrapnel were removed and it has had some time to heal.
     His eyes ... the left one he had vision return to it. Not back to where it had been, but it has progressed enough that he is able to do some office work.
     His right eye is still blind. Several surgeries were performed on it already, and there is another one scheduled to happen once his eye has healed enough from the previous ones they had done.
     He's dealing with a lot of do's and don'ts.
     Do ... eat a lot of fish. This has not been a problem for him at all, since he loves fish. I've been trying to keep the recipes switched up so he doesn't get tired of eating fish daily.
    Do ... multiple times a day eye care.
    The don'ts list is much, much longer. I won't go into all of it, but we're working with the challenges it presents.
     We're so thankful for the progress that has been made, and look forward to a lot more over the next weeks as he continues to heal

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

When Life Changes with a Boom

    It was a normal Monday here in our little corner of the world, but it only took one little phone call to make it anything but normal.
    LV has been hurt in an explosion, I was informed, and on the way to the hospital.
    I wanted more details, but the call was over. I imagined all sorts of horrible things, and willed myself to stay calm as I informed the children that their Dad was hurt.
    LV is currently in the hospital, undergoing yet another surgery. We had hopes he would be released this morning, but instead it's on to a different hospital and another surgery.
    His injuries are not life threatening, and should heal just fine with time and care. We are however concerned for his eyes, and are praying that his vision may be restored. We're thankful for a God who heals, knowledgeable doctors, and friends who pray.