Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was sad when I got a notification that Google Reader is going away on July 1st. After doing some research I decided to go with Bloglovin' as a way to make it easier for you to remain a follower to my blog.

I found it quite simple to transfer my reader list from my Google Reader to Bloglovin and am happy I found a way to stay connected to my favorite blogs.

For your convenience I added a Bloglovin' button that you can use to follow my blog and not miss any future posts. And if you try it before July 1st you'll be able to transfer your entire reading list from your Google Reader and not have to worry about missing updates to your favorite blogs.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Yesterday, because of an all day rain, the children got to spend their time in the house. In the afternoon they invited me to a memorial service. After following them to the kitchen I found the table with a folder stuffed to the capacity plus several sample pieces of the folder spread out for me to view. "We're saying good-bye to Lantwin and putting it to rest," they said. Sunbeam rose to the occasion by sniffing quietly and wiping pretend tears.

Lantwin is the name they gave to their imaginary pioneer town that they had on the steep hill behind the house. I still remember the day they chose the name. We had just finished reading a book called Lantern in the Window and by condensing the name they came up with Lantwin. It would be a place of hope and welcome to everyone.
Sailor put the most effort into Lantwin, drawing detailed maps, creating laws, and everything else it takes to run a successful town. And all three of them spent hours playing on the hill.
"I think we've grown out of it," Sailor told me. "It used to be a lot of fun, but it doesn't seem the same this summer. So we decided we will be throwing all this stuff away and Lantwin can just be the hill behind the house again."
They each shared some fond memories of their time playing there, but before the folder could be disposed of I asked if they would mind too much if I got to keep it.
They agreed. I gathered up all the papers and tucked them away where they would be safe while wiping a not so imaginary tear from my eyes. My babies are growing up and I find it to be so bittersweet.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Summertime is a season of reunions, weddings, and other family celebrations and gatherings...are any of the above on your calendar in the next two months?

There are no reunions, weddings, gatherings, or other family celebrations on our calendar. But we do have a trip planned to go visit LV's parents later this summer.

2. June is National Iced Tea Month...are you an iced tea drinker? If so, how do you like yours (sweet, flavored, etc)?

I enjoy making and serving iced tea. Flavored, sweet, plain, and what ever else I decide to try. However, I don't drink it, ever. I simply don't enjoy it. LV and the children love it so we have it in our house often.

3. When were you last nervous?  Looking back, was the 'event' actually nerve-worthy?

The last time I was nervous was when I did my first talk at a book signing. After the first few minutes I started feeling better and enjoyed the rest of the event.
4. The bristle toothbrush was invented in China on June 26, 1498...not sure how that date was pinned down so precisely but, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being sick to your stomach and 1 being not at all, how nervous do you feel when you're headed to the dentist?  Do you see your dentist twice a year?

Probably an eight. I don't enjoy visiting the dentist for any reason. Having my teeth cleaned is creepy, but have a filling done is so much worse.
5. What's making news in your town this week?

I don't pay too much attention to the news, and I honestly don't know anything newsworthy that has been happening in our town this week.

6. Curtains, drapes, blinds...your window treatment of choice? Are there any bare windows in your house? Is that by choice or because you haven't gotten around to covering them

I like curtains, but most of our windows have blinds. I have been meaning to get curtains for several rooms for close to three years already but somehow it isn't happening. We have several windows that don't have a covering that I want to get blinds for soon.
7. Summertime is officially here (in the Northern hemisphere anyway)...what one song is a must-have on your summer playlist?


8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Buddy is loving his new sandbox.

Monday, June 24, 2013


We have been wanting to get a sand box for Buddy ever since the weather has turned warmer and he enjoys spending time outdoors. Sailor chose some wood from a scrap pile and set to work.

Here he is putting the finishing touches on the sandbox.

For painting he chose to wear a pair of pants that I thought look great and he's not on the verge of growing out of them tomorrow. For some reason he hates the color so a few dabs of red paint on the legs helped assure he would not have to wear them in public. 

So the pants may be ruined, but I think it was worth it if Buddy will soon have something fun and safe to play in outside.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Corinthian Bells

It's a beautiful morning, our ancient refrigerator is taking a rare break from humming loudly, and I am actually able to hear sounds outside even though the windows are all closed to keep the morning chill out of the house. Birds are singing cheerily, which happens to be one of my favorite sounds. But even sweeter is the sound of the wind chimes as they move in the gentle breeze.
I had dreamed of owning a set of wind chimes for almost as long as I can remember, and not just any kind. I love the Corinthian Bells, their beautiful melodious tones are unsurpassed.

A local store sells them, and every time I visited I couldn't help but admire them and envision a set on our front porch. Maybe once we're grandparents living in a little white house, I will be able to have a set, I kept telling myself. The scene in my mind looked perfect. LV and I would each be rocking in a hickory rocking chair on the front porch, he would have a fly swatter to get rid of any annoying flies or mosquitoes that come pester us. I would be knitting something, and a nice Great Pyrenees dog would be dozing off at our feet. And of course wind chimes would be serenading us.

I don't know why I keep seeing me knitting since I really loathe all types hand sewing and knitting.
Last Christmas LV surprised me with the very wind chimes I had only dared dream about. They sound every bit as beautiful as I thought they would.

Life is good, happy healthy children, a wonderful husband, and my wind chimes. = Happy me.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daily Treks

I enjoy going on walks, but after we decided to go on a somewhat more challenging daily hike that includes steep hills I discovered carrying a camera with me to take pictures of anything that catches my interest also works as an excellent excuse to stop and catch my breath.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What do you think makes a good dad?

To me a good dad is always ready to listen to his children. Loves working and playing with them. Is a good provider. He is a great example to them and is never too tired to help them out. Loves their mother.

2.  What's something you learned from your own father?

I learned that it's possible to treat people with kindness even when they don't seem to deserve it. Being a bit of a perfectionist he taught us to do our best in everything, but also showed us that it is okay when things don't always turn out the way you had hoped they would.

3. It's your birthday-what kind of cake will we be having?

Definitely chocolate.
4. When you're faced with a big decision are you more of a go with your gut type of person, or are you someone who reasons it all out, weighing the pros and cons?

Going with our gut has proved to be much more successful than the whole reason it out business.

5. June is National Dairy Month. What's your favorite dairy item? Most often purchased dairy item?

My favorite dairy item is cheese, and also happens to be the item purchased most often. Almost everything is better if there is cheese involved.

6. Explorer Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910....what's something you've recently discovered or something you'd like to explore?

On one of our evening walks I discovered some flowers I had never seen before. They're beautiful and I now I want to know what they are called.

7. Are you typical of your generation?

This is a little harder to answer. It's questions like this that remind how much I'm caught between two different worlds. Not being Amish any longer I don't qualify as typical for that generation, but because I still have Amish-ness stuck in me I also don't qualify as typical for the generation main stream America is experiencing.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Those minty cookies found a home when a friend spent the afternoon at our house and tasted one and thought it was delicious. Yay! That means our no sugar diet is already over.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Not All Can be a Keeper

I love trying new recipes, and have a keeper file when ever we try a new one that we know we want to enjoy again someday it gets tucked in there. It's the only way that I know I'll be able to find it when I want it again. With hundreds of recipe books the last thing I want to do is have to look through all of them for a certain recipe.

Pinterest has added to that collection. I have pinned a ridiculous amount of things I want to try someday and one thing that I kept seeing in my journeys through the land of Pinterest were cookies and brownies using Andes Crème de Menthe. I have always loved Andes as well as any other peppermint candy. So last week when we went on our weekly grocery run and I happened to see Andes baking chips I knew the time had come to finally try one of those recipes.

We decided to make the recipe for the cookies on the back of the package. Turns out this is a recipe that will stay far away from my keeper file. And I'll also be deleting all the pins I have for Andes recipes.
We're stuck with a cookie jar filled with cookies that taste like I imagine cookies would taste if you used toothpaste to make them. None of us like them and yet I hate simply tossing them. If we wait to do more baking until those cookies have been eaten I think it's safe to say the Kinsingers will all be on a no sugar diet for quite a while.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Have you learned more from success or failure? Explain.

I have learned from both; however, unfortunately, I think I have learned more from failures. At least I am more aware of what I have learned from them.

2.  What did you call your grandparents when you were growing up? If you have children, what do they call your parents? If you have grandchildren, what do they call you?

We used to call our grandparents Dawdy and Mommie and our children call both sets of their grandparents the same. I suppose it's an Amish thing. However when ever we wrote letters to them we addressed them as Grandpa and Grandma.

3.  You're invited to a luau.  In keeping with that theme, what dish will you bring to share?

Hawaiian Rolls and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake

4. Besides Jesus, what one person's life story do you think everyone should know about?

I think everyone should know the life story of Corrie ten Boom.

5. "Don't sweat the small stuff." Agree or Disagree? Why?

Agree. I don't want to get irritated and agitated at all the little stuff. And if I do get irritated I don't want to dwell on it. Life is too short to allow small things to rob me of the happiness I could have.

6.  June is National Rivers Month. When were you last on a river? What's the prettiest river you've ever seen? What's a river you'd like to see?

I had a ride on The Maid of the Mist on the Niagara eleven years ago. The prettiest river I have ever seen is probably the Niagara with the Ohiopyle coming in second. I'm not a water person, but I do think it would be fun to see the Jordan River.

7.  Speaking of rivers- paddling, fishing, swimming, or bird watching safely from the shore? Which activity would you choose? Yes-you have to choose.

I would choose bird watching safely from the shore. It's bad enough when I have to cross a bridge so paddling and swimming are definitely out. I'm not a fan of fishing either. Casting a line and reeling it in is okay, but baiting a hook and removing any fish that happen to get caught is not my thing.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Keeping with the river theme. The prettiest start of a river I have ever seen is Big Spring.

Monday, June 3, 2013


After several late frosts killed our lilacs and most of the bleeding hearts, I was thrilled to see that one sprig of bleeding hearts managed to bloom.

The air is humming with bumblebees as they bumble their way in and out of the blossoms on our huge rhododendron bush.

I love all the blooming-ness that we get to enjoy this time of year. It's almost enough to make me rethink having winter as my favorite season.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Plain Buggies ~ Winner

June has started off with beautiful sunshine, balmy breezes, and blooming flowers. The perfect type of weather to enjoy some leisurely driving on some back roads to enjoy the scenery and all the beauties of nature.

Gas prices have helped make us more of the arm chair traveling type, thankfully books have a way of transporting me so I won't complain.

On that note today is also the day to choose a winner for the copy of Plain Buggies that I'm giving away. And the winner is....

Comment # 3

Rozy Lass said .......

When I was six my parents had a VW Bug; I remember riding in the little space behind the back seat. Of course this was in the "olden days" before seat belts and car seats. I was the fourth child so the three big kids got to sit on the seat and I was in the very back. I thought it was fun and felt cozy and safe back there.

Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address and I will get the book mailed to you.