Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daily Treks

I enjoy going on walks, but after we decided to go on a somewhat more challenging daily hike that includes steep hills I discovered carrying a camera with me to take pictures of anything that catches my interest also works as an excellent excuse to stop and catch my breath.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the red columbines.

  2. Ahhhh beautiful! Thank you for such amazing pictures. And any excuse to take them is fine. :-)

  3. I love that daisy field!! When we went to the Ozarks about a week ago, there was the most beautiful huge patch of flowers, but it was in the grassy area between the two sides of the highway. I thought asking Scott to pull over wouldn't be wise and then I couldn't stop thinking if it was pure luck that they were there, or if someone had decided that part of the highway needed brighening up. Love the pics (and your resting plan) - too funny!


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