Saturday, October 30, 2021

Upcoming Wedding

     There's a wedding coming up in the near future.
     It's a wedding we are planning to attend.
     An Amish wedding.
    The wedding of LV's Dad.
    We received the invitation in the mail today. Even though we knew this wedding was on the schedule for this fall, seeing the invitation made it seem more real.
    It's another big change for the family, but we wish them all the best.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Venus Flytrap

    Steven accompanied me on my grocery run this morning. As we approached the checkout lane at Aldi we admired their display of tiny cacti and then he spied it. "Look Mom!" he said in an awed whisper. "A Venus Flytrap!" 

    I looked. Sure enough, in the back corner of the display was an itty-bitty Venus Flytrap..

    He was thrilled to get to see one in real life after having read about them.

    We proceeded to continue our way to the checkout, and on a whim I reached back and got it. The excitement was real when he realized he gets to have it.

    He held it all the way home and then carefully set it where he wanted it on a windowsill in the kitchen.

    If love makes things thrive, this tiny plant should have no problem.

Monday, October 25, 2021


     It's been several months that I've been eyeing a recipe I found online. A uniquely different pie called Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie.

    I've heard of, and eaten upside-down cakes before, but never a pie. I simply had to try.

    As I was about to spread the pecan mixture into the bottom of the pie pan I had some misgivings, but the recipe sounded so convincing that I went ahead and followed instructions.

    First the pecan mixture spread evenly across the bottom of the pie pan. Next I placed the bottom crust over it and filled it with the apples before covering the whole thing with the top crust and popping it into the oven.

    And then things started going wrong. The syrupy part of the pecans did exactly what I had been afraid it would do as it bubbled up the sides of the pie pan and dripped into the bottom of the oven, burning into an ugly black puddle.

    By the time the pie was done baking the syrup had all successfully made the transition from the bottom of my pie to the bottom of my oven.

    I went ahead and tried flipping it out onto a plate per instructions ... it didn't work either.

    The pecans remained welded to the bottom of the pan and had to be chiseled loose. I was tempted to simply put the entire pan in soak, but I really didn't like the thought of tossing all those pecans, so tedious scraping it was, until they were all rescued.

    This recipe has now been pinned to my Fails board on Pinterest so that I'm never tempted to try it again.

    If you want to try your hand at making this to show me it can be done, here's the link to the recipe.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Catching Up

     With everything that this year has held for us, writing, even here on my blog, has felt frivolous which meant day after day passed without any writing being done. Every time it felt like I was coming up for air, and maybe start returning to normal, something else would come along.

    So what were these events?

    First, as you're already aware ... my Mom's diagnosis, battle, and then passing away from cancer.

    Second ... Steven's health issues which were finally discovered to be Lyme Disease. He is much improved since we found out what it is and how to treat it.

    Third ... LV's eye that had been injured so badly in the explosion last year had a stitch pop when he over exerted himself at work. Thankfully his surgeon was able to do a quick procedure to remove it and it didn't require a hospital stay.

    And most recently ... my dear sister (in-law) Emma, passed away unexpectedly last week. It was just a little over nine years ago that her husband, LV's brother, had passed away leaving her and her eight children behind. While we are all rejoicing for her to finally be reunited with him and get to be with her Saviour, she will be so greatly missed.

    As much as I will miss my best friend and sister, my heart is crushed for her children. Yes, we'll all be okay, but heaven just got so much sweeter and we long for the day when we can be together with our loved ones again.


    Now that I've caught up with the major happenings I'm hoping to return to normal blogging again. In spite of everything, I have missed it.