Wednesday, June 14, 2023


Reading ... in the Bible I turned to Psalms 103 again this morning. It's one of my favorite Psalms. I've read it often enough you would think I would have it completely memorized by now, but I'm not there yet.

In other books, I have two series here that I'm working my way through. One by Kel Kade, and the other by Ginny Aiken. They're about as different as could be, but I love reading and I have a wide variety of genres I enjoy.

Writing ... it's that time of year where I have to sit down and write up the scope and sequence of next year's curriculum. Even though it's not been long that we finished up our school for this year I'm already getting excited about next year. 

Watching ...  I've watched several different things over the past week. First was a documentary that I can't and won't recommend to anyone else, next was a comedian from the Dry Bar Comedy series on YouTube. It did not disappoint. They're my go to any time I'm looking for a laugh.  Most recently I watched part of an episode of the Summer Baking Championship, it always inspires me to create pretty food and try new recipes.

Listening ... to the sound of a persistent little phoebe bird singing/calling in the tree by the front porch, the sound of tires on a wet road as traffic goes by the house, and the wind chimes chiming merrily in the east wind.

Baking ... Rosie created a new recipe for some cupcakes on Monday. I thought they tasted as good as they looked.

Cooking ... on tonight's menu there are turkey burgers, salad, and potato wedges, and then watermelon for dessert for those who wish to have something a bit sweet.

Feeling ... blessed. I finally got to meet a longtime Facebook friend. She had an Amish childhood as well, and found me through my blog which led to us becoming Facebook friends. She has been a real encouragement through the years and to get to finally meet was everything I had hoped for. So blessed to have her in my life!

Disliking ... the container of worms in the refrigerator. 

I'll give you a minute to shudder as well.

It's there because ... well ... I'm a mother to a young son who absolutely loves fishing. He has provided quite a few fish to our meals

Loving ... the hanging baskets on the porch. Kenneth and Paige gave me a gorgeous one filled with shades of purple flowers for Mother's Day, and then two weeks ago I happened upon three baskets of Impatiens. They looked bad, as if a few more days at the place they were at and they would surely be dead. I had to rescue them. 

With some TLC they are now flourishing, and blooming beautifully. I'm glad I decided to give them a chance.

Playing ... most recently Steven and I have been playing Tally Ho! The beginning of the game is purely luck, but it soon turns strategic. 

Playing it so often led to this post I did on Facebook.

After losing yet another game of Tally Ho! to me, Steven sighed deeply as he got up from the table.

"At least there's one thing I have you beat at, that you'll never get better than me," he said with more than a little note of satisfaction.
"What's that?" I asked.
"I've known Dad all my life, and you didn't know him all of yours."
Well ... you got me beat there, Buddy.

Friday, June 2, 2023

When Memories Hit

     I had a few errands to run today, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and I was enjoying myself to the fullest driving while singing along to the song that was playing.
    I glanced over to see what the temperature is and noted the date that was displayed. June 2nd. Hmm ... something seemed 
significant about it somehow, but why?
    And then it hit me. Two years ago I was at my parents house. The music kept playing but I was no longer aware of it as the memories started washing over me.
    Fifteen years earlier everything changed when we left the Amish. Overnight we lost ninety-eight percent of all our friends and family. The hardest relationship to lose was the one I had with my Mom. Up until then she had been my best friend, sister, and mother all rolled up into one.
    Other than two random lovely days, those fifteen years were like a giant desert, dry and barren, with only occasional cacti to get stung by, some more vicious than others leaving their spines impaled deeply.
    I thought of her daily though and often whispered little prayers that somehow God would restore our relationship. I learned so many new songs, and would wish I could get to sing with Mom once again. I tried hundreds of new recipes during those fifteen years and wished I could cook for her. As I did crafts I wished I could sit and talk while we did hand sewing. I wished she could see our children and what a delight they are to LV and me.
    And then the news came of her fast growing brain tumor.
    I asked if I could come, and they eagerly accepted. I loaded up the girls and Steven and drove the 555 miles to their house.
    She was happy to see me. Immediately the past was forgiven, and our relationship miraculously restored. "I missed you so much," she said, "but I thought I can't have contact with you since you left the faith. If I could do things over I wouldn't do it the same."
    We cried over the wasted years, and then tried to pack everything we could into the few days I had at their house. She was weak, and stayed in her recliner, but we sang. We talked, and talked, and talked. I cooked all the meals. She absolutely delighted in the children. She asked me to hand stitch the binding onto a quilt she had made. 
    The night before we left she spoke a blessing over us, and said she can see we have chosen right for our family and to continue our journey with Jesus.
    We were going to leave early the next morning so we said our good-byes before we went to bed. Standing there I wanted so desperately to give her a hug, but hugs simply never happened in our Amish circle, and I wasn't sure how she would react. I couldn't risk another rebuff, so I simply clasped her hand before turning in for the night. Both of us acutely aware this would most likely be the last time we see each other.
    The week after we got back home I called everyday and always told her I love her before hanging up. Saying I love you was never done while we were Amish either, but I didn't care. She didn't repeat the words, but she did say, "Me too." every time.
    After that week she lost her ability to communicate, and on her 65th birthday God called her home.
    I pulled into the garage with tears streaming down my face. Tears of thankfulness that God had restored our relationship, that even though it was only for a very short amount of time He had made a way that all those whispered little prayers over the years were answered. Tears of regret for those fifteen wasted years. Tears of missing her horribly.