Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After spending the next days in a flurry of unpacking and trying to get everything organized and feeling homey we were finally able to slow down just a little bit.

We needed to go to town to get some groceries. It was too far to use a horse and buggy and impractical as well since the only option to get to town involved around five miles of traveling on a four lane highway. There was an option to hire one of the local people who did taxi work for the Amish but since all the Amish in this community used their tractors for transportation during the week we did as well.

Most of them had an ugly trailer made out of an old pickup truck bed with some type of cobbled together top to hitch behind the tractor for the women and children to ride in. A few had a cargo trailer with a little window in one side and others had a cattle trailer.

We didn't want an ugly homemade type trailer, but since we hadn't bought a cargo trailer yet that left us with the last option of using our little cattle trailer. We weren't sure how this would seem but rather than spending money to pay someone to take us to town we decided to give it a try. LV swept the trailer out nicely and placed a comfortable recliner rocker in it for me to sit on and then we placed the children's carseats in it after we were all settled in LV jumped on the tractor and we were on our way.

The trailer was bumpy and the tractor was noisy as we bumped along the shoulder of the four lane all the way to town. Arriving at the place we wanted to do our shopping LV parked as far away from the store as possible and came back to open the trailer door for us to get out. We both had never felt so humiliated in our life. There is no way to feel dignified to have to step out of a cattle trailer in the middle of town to go shopping.

We did our shopping and hurried back home. We weren't sure we could repeat that scene anytime soon and decided that the next time we need to go to town we would hire someone to take us.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sideling Hill

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  Since LV doesn't have the day off today we decided to do our fun little get away yesterday. We don't have very far to Sideling Hill and thought it might be just the thing since the views there are breath taking. There are picnic tables along the edge where you can look out over the mountains while you enjoy your lunch. They closed their exhibit center but a few trails are still open so we got to enjoy those. Another great thing about this place is that it isn't packed with tourists like most attractions which makes it much more enjoyable to us.
 The view from the top of the trail of stairs.
 The bridge is still open to walk across the highway to follow the trail on the other side.
It was worth climbing the one hundred twenty seven steps to be able to see the views from up there. I did wish they would have continued on to the top of the hill. I can only imagine how great the would have been from there.

We enjoyed our short excursion and hope to do it again someday.

What are you doing for the holiday?

Friday, May 27, 2011


We traveled for quite a while before stopping at a motel to sleep. Twenty one hours of driving was too much to do with out stopping to rest. The next morning after having a quick breakfast we continued on our way. It still felt as if we should be waking up from a bad dream and finding us safely at home on the farm we loved.

Arriving at our new home it looked even smaller than I had remembered. There would be no basement to store my canned goods. No attic to store things I didn't need immediately and I knew I was in for a challenge to try to find room for all our belongings. We unpacked our suitcases and the few things we had brought on the mini van and then went down the road to spend the night at LV's parents. The big truck filled with all our earthly possessions wouldn't arrive until the next morning.

The weather was uncomfortable. It was only early summer but already humid and too warm compared to what we had been used to, and we found it hard to sleep. Once we finally drifted off we were soon awaken by a horrible noise right outside the bedroom window. A screeching grating sound that almost sounded as if someone were washing windows and making their towel screech and squeal over the glass. We soon discovered it was a Whip-poor-will singing and I groaned at the thought of having to hear that horrible sound every night. Night birds were supposed to sound sweet, and this was anything but sweet!
 The front of our little brown house.
 The back.

Morning arrived. So did the truck with our belongs. So did the whole community of Amish to help unload it and get us partially settled in. Once the truck was unloaded and had left, our friends that had brought us out stopped in to say good-bye. As they left I had to suppress the urge to run after them waving my arms and begging them to take us back home.
 Eating lunch that the ladies from church had brought.
 The hats found places to rest in the numerous trees in our yard while everyone was eating.
 Empty boxes were piled by the front door while one of LV's nephews enjoyed running in and out of the house.
Once every one had left the house was still in utter chaos. I got something for us to eat and then went to fix our beds so we could sleep. Once everything was ready I discovered LV and Sunbeam both worn out from an exhausting day and had to capture the moment. There was one thing I decided I like about this new community. Disposable cameras were okay, though others were still taboo. I knew I would be capturing moments often.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loading Up

Coming back home the next few days were a blur as we tried to get everything ready for moving day. Several big flatbeds came and were loaded with the farm machinery that we planned to take along. They left a few days before our actual moving day.

On the morning of moving day another long van trailer was backed up in front of the house to be loaded with all our household things as well as the things from our shop and our buggy would have to be hoisted on after everything else was loaded. My brother John and his wife came by early that morning to help us get started. LV's cousins and friends would come by a little later as well as my uncles and their families.

 But before others arrived we were surprised to see David and his girlfriend come walking up the driveway. They had parked their vehicle somewhere out of sight and dressed in their Amish clothes to be a part of our day. Usually I would have been so very happy to have him come but the news of his having left the Amish was still too new and painful and our meeting was less than comfortable. But after others started showing up and I discovered his day was being miserable as people kept cornering him and preaching to him I actually strarted feeling really sorry for him and while I wished he would still be Amish the rest of his time there wasn't as strained between us and we were able to visit a little. David was still David even though he left the faith. He was still my brother and I realized I couldn't simply stop loving him or cut him out of our life.
 Sailor seemed overwhelmed with all the unusual activity and spent his day with his dog Kazan. The people who had bought our farm wanted to keep Kazan since he was already used to being around cows. We felt sad leaving him but thought it would be the best to let him stay with his familiar surroundings and knew he would be well taken care of.
 After everything was loaded our friends came by. They would be taking us to our new home.
Late that afternoon our loaded truck pulled away and we loaded the last of our things into the back of the mini van. John and his wife helped load everything and stayed to see us off before going home. Waving good-bye we drove down the driveway. I couldn't make myself look back for one last look at what had been our happy home ever since I had moved in as a hopeful young bride.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Closing Day

A week before moving day we traveled the long way out to what was to be our new home to close on our farm. We were amazed how things seemed so very different from what we were used to, and realized it would take quite a bit of getting used to. Previous visits we had always been aware that everything seemed to be set back at least fifteen years and not very prosperous but we had never been as acutely aware of it than we were now realizing that we would actually have to call that area our home before long.

When we met with the loan officer we were amused how he crunched on a big red apple between talking to us and getting all the papers signed. He seemed to be more interested in eating and talking about hunting and fishing than the business at hand.

Thinking it must be a quirk of his own we went to the title company to sign our closing papers. Once again we were amazed at how less than professional the people were. This time it was a woman. She was all enthused about pictures of her new niece and showed us a big stack of photos. We looked at them politely and tried to keep our smiles swallowed as she opted to do all her business on her knees rather than sitting on a chair and kept making her rounds around the table with the papers to sign all the while shuffling her way on her knees.

After the papers were signed we started back home and couldn't help but feel we just might be making the biggest mistake of our life.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our World Begins to Crumble

After welcoming Sunbeam into our little family we again had LV"s cousin Susannah come help out for six weeks.  Sunbeam was such a sweet content little baby and if it wouldn't have been for our move I would have enjoyed those six weeks to the fullest but, this time there was much more work to be done than usual and I found having to spend six weeks doing nothing nearly impossible

Most days after directing Susannah what to pack I spent time cutting and sewing new clothes for us. Though the community we were moving to was still Old Order Amish there was hardly anything that was the same and I had to make all new clothes to fit the standards.

We had our moving day set for when Sunbeam turned seven weeks old. A week or so before we had a message on our voicemail from my brother David to call a certain phone number. We called and when he informed us that he had left the Amish with his girlfriend we felt awful. People leaving the Amish was something that simply didn't happen in the community we grew up, so far none of either of our grandparents descendants had left. It all felt to horrible to even think about. That he would be willing to ruin family relationships by ignoring everything and walking away from everything we had ever been taught and knew was right was almost impossible to grasp.

We had already been feeling as if our little world was spinning out of control just because of our move but to have that news on top of everything else was almost too much to bear.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


  The oven on our stove quit working so we called the repairman to come out and fix it. They were busy and had to schedule a repair visit several weeks later. 

   When they finally arrived there were two guys whom I'll call Sam and Ben.  Sam was a tall overweight guy with glasses.  Ben was a short skinny little fellow. After they messed around with the stove for quite awhile they informed me soberly that there are three major things wrong with the stove and they will have to shut off the gas to the house until it is repaired and of-course the parts have to be ordered in.

   Sam asked me to come lay on the floor next to him so he can show me what is wrong under the stove. I walked over to the kitchen counter but declined the offer to lie on the floor next to him.  Getting up from the floor he went through the list of monotonous things they had to order and exactly what was wrong with the stove. I really have no idea what it was since the boring information all swirled together into an unidentifiable blob and I tried to remain appearing to be at least half ways intelligent and awake as I nodded my head and stifled the urge to yawn.

   Ben turned and asked Sam for a pen to write the serial number down so they can order the correct parts. Sam slowly and methodically unscrewed both pens he had in his shirt  pocket to make sure he doesn't give Ben the pen with the most ink. (I was choking back a wild urge to burst out laughing there.) They finally finished cleaning up the mess they had made, all except the dirty floor, and left.

   I already feel like yawning just at the thought of them trying to explain what they're doing as they fix the stove once the parts get in.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Days

There was so much to do after we got home from visiting the community we were planning to move to. My parents were having an auction to sell a lot of their things before they moved. LV and I sorted through a lot of our things and anything that we didn't want to take along when we moved we took over to be sold at the auction as well.

I wished my parents would wait to move until a few weeks later so that they would be there to help welcome their new grandchild.

The day of the auction arrived. It was cold and damp and even though it was held inside one of their big shop buildings I got tired of standing and watching everything sell. Besides, seeing people buy the sewing machine Mom used to use when I was growing up and the many pieces of furniture and things that had memories attached to them was too hard. I went into the house with Sailor and Rosy, Mom came in soon and we chatted until the auction was over and LV was ready to go home.

There was a lot of ice and snow on the ground so I carried Rosy out to the buggy, but before I reached it a certain patch of ice seemed to be a little more slippery than the rest and I ending up taking the worst tumble ever. Hardly able to walk at all I somehow managed to get on the buggy and home but instead of getting better from there I got worse and the remaining six weeks before Sunbeam was born were most miserable.

I didn't think I had time to lay around, especially since we were getting ready to move and had a lot of packing to do and I had hoped to be able to spend at least a few days at my parents house helping Mom pack up the last of their things before they left for their new home. I didn't have a choice though since I couldn't walk there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Planning to Move

Several months passed in which things remained unsettled. Somewhere in the course of conversation one day at my parents house we mentioned what the farrier had told us about the limits on prayer. My parents weren't impressed and the next time they got to see the bishop (Mom's brother) they asked him about. After talking to the bishops in the neighboring districts he confirmed that yes, prayer was not something they wanted lay members to be doing a lot of. He couldn't support that and it kind of worked as the last straw for him as well and before long he announced that their family would be moving to a new community that was starting in Kentucky.

With my parents planning to move, plus all the uncles and their families we were beginning to feel desperate again. After talking to LV's parents about everything they convinced us we would love the community where they live. That there is so much love there for everyone and it's so much more spiritual. It sounded good so we made plans to go visit them again and to check out the area a little more.

It was snowing when we left but when we arrived at their house we loved how everything was green and warm and the weather felt delightful. They gushed on and on about how wonderful everything was until we decided that yes, this is the place for us. They quickly made arrangements for us to meet with all the ministers for our interview and the reading of their ordnung. The one minister was really friendly but had a way of mumbling into his long beard that it was hard to understand what he was saying. It was late and we had to struggle to stay awake until they got done explaining everything. Before he left he reached into one of his pockets and handed us a copy of the ordnung. It was well worn and creased with several big splotches of grease on it. I didn't want to touch it but LV accepted it and after we had tucked the children into bed we held it gingerly with the tips of our fingers and read it again. Most of it was just the regular do's and don'ts that were a part of any Amish community but at the very end they had a little piece that bothered us a little. There was to be no discussing of any scripture unless a minister was present. We shrugged it off though since we didn't think it would affect us. We weren't prone to launch into the discussions of anything concerning scriptures.

The next day we went land shopping and found a three hundred acre farm a little ways down the road from LV's parents and made an offer. The owner accepted and we went home with a lot of packing and things to do before our moving day that we set for three months later.

Coming home we let the person who wanted first chance at our farm know that we were planning to move. They immediately made plans to move in the day we moved out.  It seemed a little surreal that we were actually leaving the place we loved so well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Remember this pair?  You're right. It is the little calf that almost drowned after it's mother gave birth to it in the creek and kept knocking back down into the water every time it managed to struggle up onto it's wobbly legs.

Their story continues.
 After two days of steady rain our peaceful little creek was turning into a river with the waterfall gushing loudly. I couldn't quite decide if it was grumbling or laughing. Either way the sound was pleasant as long as everything seemed to be fine.
The water kept rising until the creek didn't really look like a creek any longer. Even the road was flooded after the water no longer could all rush under the bridge. The children were watching it in fascination and all of a sudden cried out that a calf is being washed away. I hurried to the window in time to see something black being sucked down into the current at the bridge.

There was a lull in the rain so I hurried outside in hopes I can at least see what has happened to the poor little thing. I wasn't planning on risking my safety by getting into the rushing water but I did hope I would see it emerge on the other side and be able to get to the creek bank or at least be able to grab some footing on on of the little islands.

I couldn't see a thing though and as I was turning to go back into the house our neighbor called from his yard and asked if I had seen the calf being swept away. He was concerned about it as well but we decided that there really is nothing an 86 year old man and I can do about it except feel sorry. The water running across the road kept us far enough apart that we had to yell our entire conversation.

The children kept feeling so sorry for the cow as it stood there the rest of the day looking at the creek sorrowfully.

The owners of the cows came by last night and the were fishing things out of the creek by the bridge. I kept being afraid we'd see a dead calf being pulled out next. It grew dark and our watching was ended.

This morning the little calf is safely by it's mother. Rescued once again. I'm thinking it should find something other than near drownings to participate in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Adopted" Parents

Our regular taxi driver was much more than only a driver to us and he and his wife became our best friends. Since LV's parents had moved shortly after we got married they involved us in a lot of family things and became our "adopted" parents. They taught us so very much about life that we will always be grateful to them. They were there for us when ever needed them and we spent a lot of happy time together. We worked together, had each other over to our homes for meals and games and of-course spent a lot of time talking.

The summer that Rosy was the baby they offered to take us to Niagara Falls for a weeks vacation. We made arrangements to have my brothers take care of our chores while we were gone. I spent several days sewing and making sure that we all had matching clothes to wear on our trip.

It didn't take very long to drive to the falls and after finding a hotel that we liked close to the falls we were ready to start enjoying our vacation. The days that followed were packed to the brim of exploring and enjoying a lot of what Niagara Falls had to offer. It was great to have nothing to do except relax and enjoy ourselves for the first time in our life. Any other vacations had always involved visiting other people and helping them with their work.

After we got home they made plans to make a fun vacation together a yearly event. We of-course were happy to accept.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Brother Helper

  It was challenging to try to juggle all of my work during canning seasons, especially with two little children and lots of animals.

  On my busiest days I could count on having my little brother Mahlon to come and help out. Sailor and Rosy both adored him so his job of keeping them entertained while I worked wasn't very hard.

   He seemed to enjoy those days as well and while the children were down for a nap he had multiple little projects around the farm that he was free to pursue to his hearts content. One of his dreams was to own an ant farm and when he discovered a big ant hill in the barnyard he spent a lot of time trying to find the queen to start his own little colony. He wasn't successful, but it didn't curb his enthusiasm. I enjoyed having him there. Little brothers with all their fun ideas and experiments kept life interesting and I couldn't help but wonder what all would be in store once Sailor got to be a little older.

   I was presented with this recipe by Mahlon one afternoon when he was helping. Though it doesn't stand the slightest chance of ever being made I will always treasure it. Seeing it always takes me back to a warm summer day when my little brother thought he finally found the ultimate gross out for his older sister.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Move or Not to Move

After arriving in at my aunts house in Michigan we enjoyed a pleasant evening visiting and catching up on all the latest news. We didn't stay up very late since we wanted to get up early the next morning and head to church.

We didn't know very many people, and felt a little awkward that morning as every one was shaking hands and greeting each other with a holy kiss. We were used to the hand shaking part but practicing the holy kiss was new and not a little uncomfortable and awkward.

Church was much the same as we were used to, except it was held in someones home instead of a church house and all the songs except for the Lob Lied were slower and different. After church the members had to stay seated and the children were herded outside. We found it interesting to see what and how they worked with their problems.

Sunday passed swiftly. LV had talked to the bishop and ministers there and we had an appointment the following day to have an interview with them where they wanted to know if we were in good standing at the church where we were members, our reason for wanting to move, and then they read and explained their ordnung to us.

We were approved and they recommended a few properties nearby that we might interested in buying. After they left we went to look at them to see which we wanted for our future home. We had one that we liked a little better than the rest and headed back home to think about it some more before committing to anything.

Once we got home, it seemed so good to be back that we realized we weren't ready to give up the home we loved so much. We had a lot of great friends that we hated to think of leaving behind and decided for the time being we would simply try even harder to please everyone and things might get better.

We weren't at home for more than a day or so before people started coming to see if they could have first chance at buying our farm. they all seemed disappointed when we told them that we had decided not to move after all. It was nice to know that we wouldn't have a problem selling our farm if we ever wanted to, but on the other hand it made us a little uneasy that so many people wanted it, knowing that they would not be looking for ways to make us want to stay.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Blogger went ahead and swallowed the post I had made yesterday as well as making that a host of comments from several different posts vanished as well.

We enjoy a daily walk along the edge of the woods. Rosebud and Sunbeam enjoy all the May Apples that are almost ready to start blooming. Taking a leaf they enjoy pretending it's a little parasol as they walk along.
We had the honor and pleasure of having Suzanne Woods Fisher visit us one day this week. The day was much too short as we enjoyed visiting and seeing some of the places that are special to me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sharing More News

I am excited to tell you that while I am waiting for our baby to arrive I will be busy writing. I have been contracted to write a four book series based on my childhood, with the help of Suzanne Woods Fisher.
I need to have the manuscript for book one finished by September which is creeping up surprisingly fast! It will then be released in September 2012 which somehow doesn't seem to be approaching with the same kind of speed.

In the meantime I am having a lot of fun recalling memories from my childhood.

With out having had my blog and all you loyal readers I don't think I would be writing a book, much less four of them! I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to each and every one of you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Checking Out New Communities

Things were getting to be more and more ridiculous in our church district. Not a church Sunday passed that the members didn't have to remain seated after the children were dismissed. We never knew what to expect but it was almost without fail that it what ever new thing they decided needed to be worked on was directly linked with my brother David, my parents, or us.

The Amish in Somerset always had a problem with anyone who seemed to be successful and focused most of their energy nitpicking until they moved away, but instead of having a nice peaceful church then, they simply found their next family to work on. They had managed to drive three families away several years earlier and now the focus had been turned on us. We loved our farm, and life was great for the two weeks tucked between church Sundays and we were determined to not let all the fussing and picking make us move

They didn't like the way David walked. When ever he was self conscious he had a way of tilting his head and it annoyed some of the people. Someone had seen him with the collar of his shirt open. Never mind that the next button only an inch lower was closed, it was a matter worthy of a church confession. He was required to grow his beard long though all the other boys had been allowed to trim theirs until they were twenty one. And the list went on.

My parents had almost all they could handle and decided rather than stay and be the source of all church related troubles they would start checking out new communities to see if they could find one where they would be comfortable to move to with their children.

We weren't very excited about the idea that they would be moving away, but after several more months in which they decided we would no longer be allowed to use our tractor lights and a host of other nonsense the thought of finding a community where they weren't constantly picking and changing rules became more and more appealing.

When David came over one evening and told us he would be having to make another church confession the next time in church for things even more ridiculous we decided we would have no part of it. We made hurried plans to visit a community in Michigan that we had been considering as a place to move to. After making arrangements for someone to care for our animals while we were gone we called a driver and were on our way.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Announcement

Mother's Day has always been special to me. First to show my mother how very special she was and now enjoying the blessings of being a mother myself.

Yesterday was a very sweet Mother's Day at our house. With three children, each of which have a healthy dose of imagination and creativity I never know just what to expect. And by next year they will have another little sibling to join them in their celebration.  We are all very excited!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rosebud's Letter

  Rosebud loves writing letter to her Grandmother who always faithfully answers each one. She is quite happy to have a pen pal and writes regularly.

  Early this morning she came down and handed me another letter that she hoped would get mailed today. I always find it interesting to read her letters and with her permission I'm sharing her latest with you today.

I changed the names to those that I use on my blog but otherwise everything is just the way she wrote it.

Dear Grandmother,

 Yesterday after school we took our bikes up to the barn. Beyond the barn is a big hill. We thought it would be fun to take our bikes up the steep winding field lane. When we finally got to the top I felt like sitting down and resting but when I got on my bike and started down the steep winding field lane I forgot all about my weariness for I had to concentrate on my steering. If I would have looked back or even sideways I would surely have crashed into a rock or into the ditch. There were lots of stones on the lane too when I drove over them my arms shook very much making it harder to steer my bike. That was not my only problem, for there were potholes in the lane too. I tried to avoid them but when ever I drove through one I flew off my seat and landed on it again. There is a little ditch with a stream of water at the bottom of the hill that we had to drive through. We bounced off our seats again when we went through it. We decided not to ride down that hill again. It is too steep.
   Do you have any steep hills?

   A few days ago Sunbeam and I went up the steep pasture behind the house with a bowl to pick violets to make violet syrup. While we were there we happened to get into some poison ivy. When we had picked four cups of violets we started down to the house. Then we had to sit at the kitchen table with Mom and pick all the stems off the violets. It was fun but kind of tiresome. When we finished fixing the violets like the recipe told us to, but instead of turning pink the syrup turned green and stinked awfully so we dumped the syrup and that was the end of our experiment.
   This morning I stood up really early. And since it is springtime of the year I started cleaning my room. It is all clean now and nothing is out of it's place and as I say a place for everything and everything in it's place. I always think a clean room makes you feel happier than a messy room. Have you started spring cleaning too?

   Today is sunny but it looks as though it could rain. I hope it doesn't so I can go out to play after school. But I think the plants think just the opposite of what I said. I think they want it to rain to water them. I am sure if I were a flower I would think so. Is it raining at your house? If it is I think the plants are glad.

   Mr. Bumblebee has come back and is satisfying himself by buzzing around the rhododendren bush. A bird made a nest in the rhododendren bush but left it's nest and it's egg to rot. It never came back again. Another bird lives in the bush now. When we walk up the porch steps it flies out. It made me fall down the steps one time. I fell all the way to the bottom.

      Love, Rosebud

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Differences in Cultures

   Our transition from being Amish to, well, not being Amish has been interesting in many different ways. I still find it interesting to compare things that are considered proper and polite in one culture that would be considered offensive and rude in another.

   One such thing is among the Amish when we invited someone to come to our house for a meal we expected them to come with nothing except a hearty appetite. To have asked what food to bring along or showing up with something would have been an insult to the hostess and her cooking abilities.

   After we left the Amish and people asked me what they could bring I realized they were used to offering to bring something along out of being considerate and helpful, and I now find myself accepting those offers every once in a while and even, gasp, asking what I can bring when we get an invitation. It really does help when preparing all the extra food to not have to be responsible for everything, but I will still refrain from showing up at an Amish house carrying a salad or some kind of dessert.

Edited to add: If you want to visit the Amish and take some kind of gift along food or otherwise they won't be offended. The offer of bringing food is insulting only within the community.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It was a lovely day in early summer. I had just finished picking all our peas and had several five gallon pails filled to the top ready to shell. I parked the stroller with our sleeping baby under the shade of one of our big oak trees and went to get several bowls to start shelling peas.

Sailor was trying to help and we were enjoying our forenoon when I happened to notice the bark on the old oak tree seemed to be moving. I went to look at it more closely to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I got there in time to see a butterfly inch it's way out of the crack in the bark and sit there fanning it's wings gently and then fluttered away.

There was still movement going on and before long several more butterflies emerged. I sat on the grass to watch in amazement as butterfly after butterfly emerged, tested it's wings and then went fluttering off. Some of them didn't go very far in their first flight and rested on our head and shoulders before going on. Sailor was thrilled at all the butterflies and would have liked to catch and keep a few, but after I explained they were happiest when they were free he was content to watch this unusual event unfold with me.

By the time the last butterfly had emerged there had been close to a hundred. I couldn't help but feel a little in awe and wondering if there was some kind of sign of hopefulness attached to this. Whether there was or not I felt hopeful as if by waiting there would be great things to come yet in our life.

That was the first and only year we ever had butterflies hatching in that tree, and I'll always remember that day fondly!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Having Sailor's arm in a cast presented a new problem. He couldn't get in and out of his shirts with the way they were made, so I went ahead and made a few that had a short sleeve with snaps along the bottom. I hoped if someone else saw them they would understand that it was a necessity and once his cast came off I would sew a regular sleeve in.

Sailor quickly learned how to to be able to play but once the itching set in it wasn't quite as pleasant. He asked how long it would take for his arm to heal and I tried to explain and then added that God was healing his arm and before too long it would be all better.

That evening as I was making supper I was startled when our back door opened and snow and wind came blowing inside. When I went to close it Sailor was standing there holding it open. I scolded him a little for opening that door and he explained that he wanted God to come inside to fix his arm.

I gathered him up and sat on the rocking chair and wondered how I was supposed to explain to a three year old that God doesn't need doors to be able to heal his arm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spinning Chairs

It was on a Saturday afternoon, Rosebud was sitting in her highchair eagerly waiting for the first bite of baby food I was preparing. I spooned it into a little bowl and set it on the table while I dished out a plate with things for Sailor to eat.

He sitting on our desk chair spinning in happy circles. I called his name and told him it's ready to eat. He reached out to grab hold of something to stop spinning, but instead of stopping like he had hoped he went flying to the floor and with the cries that followed I knew immediately it was worse than just a tumble.

I gathered him up from the floor and his screams got worse. I ran out to the porch with him to call LV. He came running to see what was wrong and after trying to calm Sailor he decided we need to take him to the doctor right away. He ran out to our phone shanty to call our regular driver. Thankfully he was at home and said he would be here in about twenty minutes.

We quickly got ready and I fed Rosebud and packed her diaper bag with everything she needed to stay at my parents while we took Sailor to be checked out.

Once we arrived at the E.R. everything was slow because it was a Saturday afternoon and there were hardly any doctors there. They finally took an x-ray and discovered his elbow was broken. They hemmed and hawed and said they really aren't qualified to put a cast on a child here at this hospital. So they gave us some pain medication and an adult sized sling and told us to take him to the Somerset hospital on Monday forenoon.

We were disgusted with them as we took our little hurting boy home and tried to make him as comfortable as possible until Monday morning. I was so afraid that he might bump his elbow that might dislocate the bones and make that it would be a lot worse by Monday morning.

We survived the weekend with many tears and were so relieved when Monday finally came and we could get the proper care for him and he could start on the road to recovery.