Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Adopted" Parents

Our regular taxi driver was much more than only a driver to us and he and his wife became our best friends. Since LV's parents had moved shortly after we got married they involved us in a lot of family things and became our "adopted" parents. They taught us so very much about life that we will always be grateful to them. They were there for us when ever needed them and we spent a lot of happy time together. We worked together, had each other over to our homes for meals and games and of-course spent a lot of time talking.

The summer that Rosy was the baby they offered to take us to Niagara Falls for a weeks vacation. We made arrangements to have my brothers take care of our chores while we were gone. I spent several days sewing and making sure that we all had matching clothes to wear on our trip.

It didn't take very long to drive to the falls and after finding a hotel that we liked close to the falls we were ready to start enjoying our vacation. The days that followed were packed to the brim of exploring and enjoying a lot of what Niagara Falls had to offer. It was great to have nothing to do except relax and enjoy ourselves for the first time in our life. Any other vacations had always involved visiting other people and helping them with their work.

After we got home they made plans to make a fun vacation together a yearly event. We of-course were happy to accept.


  1. So fun! But I'm predicting some sort of staying-after-church business to come...

    Btw, Congrats on the book deal and the baby!

  2. Your vacation sounds lovely and must have been very refreshing. However, my husband & both agree you were probably called in question over it. Thank you for sharing another memory. :)

  3. My first thought too, was "UH OH, now they will be questioned by the Bishop!" I'm glad you had such lovely friends to share good times and short trips with. We all need some time to relax from time to time.
    I await your future offerings!

  4. How interesting that most of your vacations previous to this one involved work! I find that vacations with little ones isn't much of a vacation for Mommy either. I hope that will change as my children get older. :)

  5. Vacations with just the right people are SOOO fun! You'll always have those great memories and I'm glad you got to share your "down time" with good friends.

  6. Oh boy did that cause problems with the church ?

  7. Interesting that most of us had first thoughts of, "Uh, oh." .. but we are SO glad you got to enjoy Niagara Falls ... absolutely fascinating how God designed our earth this way! I've had the privilege of seeing them once in winter and a couple of times in the spring and/or summer. Incredible!


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