Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weddings ~ Part Two

Thanksgiving morning dawned with a fresh layer of snow on the ground. We hurried with our breakfast and I made the last rounds through the house to make sure everything was spotless before we headed for church.

We decided to leave the wagon at Uncle Eli's house, that Ivan and Raymond could walk the rest of the way which would save us the embarrassment of showing up at church pulling a wagon. especially since there would be so many visitors there.

Right after the wedding ceremony we started for home instead of staying to visit with friends for a while first. It took a little longer to walk home than I had hoped and I immediately starting making lunch. David had invited LV and he would be coming at any minute. Desperate to have the kitchen smelling good from cooking I poked at the few lonely red coals remaining in the bottom of the cook stove. I sent Mahlon to the shop to gather an armful of small wood scraps in hopes I could coax the fire to burn sooner that way. I was more than a little frustrated that I had forgotten to bank the stove properly before leaving for church that morning.

LV came before I had started cooking and I breathed a sigh of relief when the fire finally started burning nicely. Going into the pantry I brought the turkey and potatoes. I was going to make mashed potatoes and fry the turkey in a pan with melted butter and flour seasoned with choice spices. I lifted the lid from the pot containing the turkey I had cooked the previous day and lifted out a few pieces. They were totally coated in aspic and I tried my best to scrape it off before putting them in the frying pan.

I felt extremely self conscious with LV sitting in the kitchen watching and it didn't help knowing that he could only stay for an hour since he had to go home and do all the chores on their dairy by himself. Getting a pack of frozen corn from the basement he told me I don't have to make a huge meal that he would be happy with just turkey and potatoes.

I put all my focus on the turkey which was fast becoming a disaster. The aspic that I had failed to remove was melting and instead of the turkey getting a nice crispy coating it was sticking to the pan and was surrounded by the most disgusting looking glop. With most of my attention fixed on trying to salvage the turkey I forgot to monitor the potatoes which gleefully burned to the bottom of the saucepan. I frantically removed the top few layers and mashed them and then turned back to the turkey which was now hopelessly stuck to the bottom of the frying pan. Trying to pry it loose a whole drumstick catapulted out of the frying pan and landed on the floor and just as fast a bad word that I hadn't said in years popped out of my mouth.

I was absolutely mortified as my brothers all looked at me with wide eyes and LV watched my cooking efforts with a slight grin. Dishing everything out into bowls I placed them on the table and sank wearily into my chair.

After a silent prayer everyone took a helping of potatoes and turkey. The potatoes were lumpy and too late I realized I had forgotten to make gravy. The turkey was even worse. The outside was slightly warm but the rest was still thoroughly cold.

After we were done eating my brothers started clearing the table while I followed LV to the basement to see him off. I thought the whole day was ruined when he paused at the door and looking into my eyes he held my hand and said, "I love you. I'll see you tonight when we go for the wedding reception."

I headed back upstairs. My heart singing. Even after being served such a disastrous meal LV said he loved me.

To be continued

Giveaway Winners

Once again I'm turning to to help me select the winners for the book "Amish Peace"

Winner #1 is.......
Peg said .....
I've just discovered your blog - fascinating and intriguing. I'll be taking the time to go back and read from the beginning. Would love to read this give-away book, and will look for it in the library if I don't win LOL! Blessings, Peg

Winner # 2 is......
 Mim17044 said .......
I love the crisp, cool air and the trees leaves turning bright colors. I love fresh made applesauce & apple butter as well.

Winner # 3 is .......

Melissa said .......
I, too, posted a link to your blog from my blog. :)

Winner # 4 is ......

Cheryl said ........
This book sounds so good, would love to read it. I love the clear crisp days, harvesting the last of the garden, and the smell of the leaves. Fall is my favorite season.

Winner # 5 is .......

Jo-Ann said ......
Oh, I would enjoy reading that book. I like the clear, crisp air in the fall, pumpkin bread and homemade soup!

Congratulations ladies! If you email me with your address by Nov 3rd  and we will get your book mailed to you. Unfortunately if I don't hear from you by then a new winner will be chosen.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weddings ~ Part One

The wedding invitation lay on the kitchen table. I read it several times. Cousin Henry was getting married on Thanksgiving and I really wanted to go but I was very doubtful that LV would be allowed to go and I didn't want to go without him.

Mom and Daddy started making plans to attend the wedding. They woud leave on Wednesday attend the wedding on Thursday and be home by Friday evening. John would get to go with them but I would be staying at home and take care of my younger brothers. Our church always had services on Thanksgiving and I would have to pull a little wagon to church with Ivan and Raymond since they were still too young to walk that far. I wasn't looking forward to that and debated staying at home rather than having to go to church with a wagon.

The next Sunday the bishop announced there would be a wedding in our church district on Thanksgiving. I immediately knew that I would have to attend and take my little brothers as well if I wanted to be with LV at the evening reception when the youth would be there.

Wednesday morning arrived and Daddy,Mom, and John left for New York to attend the wedding. Mom told me I could invite some of my friends for lunch and a pleasant afternoon of visiting after the wedding ceremony since the visiting youth from the neighboring districts had to find some place to go until it was time for the evening meal when we would all go to the reception.

They weren't gone for long before I got a grand idea. I wouldn't be inviting any of my friends but instead I would get David to invite LV for lunch since his parents would be invited to the noon reception and he would be at home alone.

I spent all day cooking and cleaning with visions of a grand meal that I would be serving the next day. Knowing it would be somewhat of a challenge to to get everything done I prepared everything I could ahead of time and also cooked the turkey so I could just heat it up after we got home from church the next day.

To be continued

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Afternoon

We had a different kind of day than planned when I got up this morning. Everything was going according to plan and for a pleasant change, even ahead of schedule, when my husband called saying that he had a breakdown and needed to go get parts and if we wanted to he would swing by to pick us up and we could go with him to his job site while he makes repairs.

As a rule I don't like seeing where he is working until the job is done. It makes what he does seem a little less dangerous that way. But today, being such a gorgeous fall day I couldn't say no.

The narrow trail with extreme drop offs had me gasping and squeezing my eyes shut and I was actually glad once we came to the point where we had to park the truck and walk the remaining half mile.

This old house hidden deep in the woods and abandoned years ago fascinated me and I was glad I had remembered to grab the camera.  
Once we got to the breakdown and my husband started the repairs the girls and I decided to start walking back since he wanted to finish his skid of logs. The skid trail is dusty and the girls loved walking through it with their bare feet.

Once we got to the truck we waited for a few minutes until my husband came with the next turn of logs. He came over and asked me to drive the truck to the landing. Normally I jump at the chance to get to drive the truck but not on this scary trail. He was kind enough to drive it over the worst part while I once again cowered shamelessly as we crept across a narrow bridge with only inches to spare and a good twelve foot drop. After we crossed the bridge I managed to manuver the truck all the way to the landing while he brought the logs.

I think we all enjoyed the afternoon but now I have to think of something to do tomorrow to erase all those images from my mind when he goes back to work.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time for a Giveaway

It's that time of year when the air holds the definite chill of fall. With it getting dark earlier, what could be more perfect than to curl up some place cozy with a good book. One of my favorite places over the years has been in front of our fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

I can't supply you with a cozy corner, and I'm pretty sure if I tried to send you a mug filled with hot chocolate it would spill before it got to you. But I can make that you have a good book to read.

'Amish Peace' by Suzanne Woods Fisher is filled with short stories from the Amish about memories, experiences, and faith. each chapter is followed by several thought provoking questions.

If you would like to have a copy of this book leave a comment telling me what is your favorite thing about fall. Be sure to make that I have someway of contacting you if are chosen as the winner.

For a second entry post a link to this giveaway on your blog or Facebook and then come back and leave another comment to let me know.

I will be using Random Generator to choose a winner on Saturday Oct 30th

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for doing this giveaway for Suzanne Woods Fisher in any way except the warm happy feeling I get from being part of making that others get to enjoy this book too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Transportation

With John starting instruction class to join church he also started going to the Sunday evening singings. Which meant that LV and I would no longer be riding together since it was against the rules for courting couples to see each other more than once every other week and up until then they had made an exception to the rule since I didn't have a brother old enough to give me a ride to the singings.

On one hand I was glad for John that he was old enough to join the youth group but on the other hand I really wished that LV and I could still ride together.

After a few singings with riding to and from the singing with John we decided to make that John and I and LV would be the last two buggies to leave after the singings and as soon as we were out of sight of anyone we would stop beside the road and I would hop off of our buggy and join LV in his buggy.

It was great to be able to ride with each other and it wasn't long before we had both horses trained to walk very slowly as soon as I switched buggies. Sitting next to LV, I was sure I was the happiest girl in Somerset County as we talked and sang or simply enjoyed sitting next to each other.

Once we neared home we would pull over, LV and I said our good-byes and I joined John on our buggy and we continued home where I would help John unhitch our horse and we would head into the house where I would fix a snack and we would sit at the kitchen table and visit for a little while before heading for our beds.

John was a loyal brother and helped keep my rides with LV a secret.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying Inventions

Not long after John had made a record player he succeeded in making a radio. It was an ugly contraption and we could only get one channel. But we didn't mind since it was the local Country station.

Evenings after supper we would hurry upstairs right after devotions and sit on John's bed where we listened to Lia as she talked to people and played all the latest hits. We were always carefully alert to any sounds from downstairs and once we heard Daddy turn out the gas lamps we knew it was time to shut it off and go to bed. John always removed the one wire so it couldn't be turned on accidentally.

I felt slightly guilty about listening to it since I was already a member of the church and would have to make a confession if anyone ever found out about it, but being able to enter the world of music for a few hours every day made the risk worth while.

Spring came, and since John had, had his 16th birthday that winter and wanted to join the youth group he had to start instruction class to join the church. Before the first Sunday of instruction classes Mom and Daddy got a big garbage bag and held it open saying "Okay, John. Anything you shouldn't have in order to be baptized bring and throw them in the bag.

David, and Mahlon were at school, and I sat at the table to watch as John went upstairs to his room. He brought a big armful of records down and placed them in the bag. Mom and Daddy asked what he used to do with that so he set up his player and we all listened to Tom Sawyer for one last time before Daddy broke the record in half and without bothering to listen to the others he broke those in half as well before putting them back into the garbage bag.

John made another trip upstairs and this time the radio was demonstrated and then destroyed and put into the garbage bag for Daddy to burn. I was relieved that John didn't tell them that I used to listen to it on a regular basis too.

Evenings seemed kind of bland for a while with out any music to listen to, but we soon returned to enjoying reading books, playing games and other fun family things.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We had several different sets of encyclopedias and when ever we had spare time John could be found deeply engrossed in learning how things work and trying to build things after he understood how they worked.

By stringing wire through the attic and down through our bedroom walls we were able to have a homemade phone system in each of our bedrooms that we could use to talk to each other.

Mom and Daddy encouraged his experimenting as he made a small telegraph machine and worked on making little battery powered motors.

Most of the time I found all of his experiments and his never ending enthusiasm for his projects a little boring. Until one day when Mom and Daddy had to be gone all day doing Christmas shopping leaving John and I at home to take care of any customers and babysit Ivan and Raymond.

We hurried with all of our work so we could have the rest of the day to do what ever we wanted to. It wasn't long before John came into the kitchen for more supplies for another experiment. He thought he finally discovered how to build his own voice recorder. I dropped my projects in the sewing room and went to help him. Working at the kitchen table with Ivan and Raymond watching we were both excited when we were able to play back a voice. it wasn't the greatest quality but we knew we were on the right track. Remembering a pile of old records in the attic left there by the previous owner we went to get them to see if the machine he had built would play those.

It did and for the rest of the afternoon we listened to old songs, and Tom Sawyer. We carefully tucked everything under John's bed before Mom and Daddy came home. We had a feeling they might think we had taken experimenting a little too far and weren't ready to part with our new toy right away.

That evening at the supper table Ivan, who was just beginning to talk plainly announced that "John put a funny man who talks under his bed."

John and I looked at each other, so afraid that we would have to confess what we had been doing, and were greatly relieved when Daddy said. "Ivan, it's almost Christmas time so you don't talk about secrets." We breathed a sigh of relief and vowed we would have to be careful that Ivan doesn't hear us the next time we wanted to listen to those old records.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Asking a Favor

Shortly after I started my blog I introduced my Aunt Vernie to you. She was and is my most special aunt. She has the sweetest spirit of anyone I have ever met.

Shortly after she was born the doctors told my Grandparents that she has Downs Syndrome. As a child one of the highlights of going to Grandpas was that we would get to play with Vernie. She loved playing with her nieces and nephews and was very protective of us. From the time I was a toddler to about 8 years old, she was my best friend, we would play with our dolls, and spend hours coloring, she would read her story books to us and give us rides on her wagon or swing, we would talk and sing and play any game we knew. She was keenly aware of other peoples emotions, crying and laughing with us what ever the situation required.

But then the day came when I could read by myself, and discovered the books had a story completely different from what Vernie had always read to me, and tables turned a bit as I would read the books to her. She didn't seem to mind, but somehow the books got laid aside, and we focused on our dolls and coloring books.

Time went on, and I no longer played with my dolls. I can still see her so plainly, eagerly coming with her dolls when ever I came, and I would tell her I'd rather help her color.

She would look disappointed, but was still happy to spend time coloring together, and so it kept on. I was growing up and gradually leaving my childhood behind. And she could only stand there and watch me go where she could never join me, for she would always live in childhood.

She loved singing and she loved helping me sing around the house when ever we worked together. Her voice was joyfully off key but I didn't mind. Her obvious pleasure in helping us sing is still one of my fondest memories.
I'm sharing all of this because her birthday is coming up soon. She loves getting mail and I would really like to have her mailbox filled with cards.

If anyone would like to send her a birthday card send me an email and I will give her address to you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Autumn Days

This year autumn has been one beautiful day after the next. I really like springtime but there is something about autumn that makes it my favorite season.

This afternoon after school Sailor was wanting to practise batting. I joined them outside and we had a great time. Rosebud and Sailor took turns batting while Sunbeam decided her role in the game will be catcher for both of them.
 Rosebud ready to swing and Sunbeam cracking me up with her catchers pose.
A wild swing which actually connected with the ball. But notice Sunbeam.... eyes squeezed shut but her hands closer together in hopes the ball lands gently in her hands.

 Sailor up to bat with Sunbeam looking on quite unconcerned. He almost never misses the ball.

 Sailor swings and Sunbeam folds her arms knowing the ball will land somewhere far away from her.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Time With Daddy

Scooting back his chair from the breakfast table Daddy started chuckling a little. We knew he was about to share another story from his childhood and settled back to listen.

Since I came out of a family of twelve children it was always a treat to be the one that was allowed to accompany Dad to town.

On this particular Saturday Dad had hitched our dependable old horse Bill, to our single open buggy and asked me if I want to ride along with him. I hurriedly scrambled up and sat down beside him I was barefoot even though the air had the nip of fall in it. We didn't talk much as we drove to town but both enjoyed the beautiful fall colors of the sugar maple leaves and all the other brilliant reds,oranges, and yellows. The wide brim on my tattered straw hat flapped in the breeze. We arrived in town and stopped at the feed mill where Dad got several bags of feed while I sat on the buggy waiting for him. After Dad had paid for his purchases we went to the grocery store where he picked up a few things that Mom needed and then to my joy he bought an ice cream cone for me to eat on our way home.

As we were driving along we noticed a young boy walking beside the road ahead of us carrying a pail. As we drove up almost next to him he suddenly turned around and flung the whole pailful of cold creek water right in our faces. The shock of the cold water hitting our face and chest had us both gasping for air. Dad immediately stopped the horse and handed me the reins and jumped off the buggy. He grabbed hold of the boys neck and marched him right into his parents barn to tell them what he had done.

I sat shivering on the buggy waiting for Dad to get back. I never did find out what happened in the barn but was proud of my Dad, even as I sat there wishing for warm dry clothes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Funny Moments

As a mother there are so many things that you do without really thinking. Multitasking seems to be the order of the day. With Sunbeam being six already I can tell a big difference in meal times, since we no longer have to spend half of the time helping the children with their food.

I was reminded of how absent minded we mothers can become when we were at a gathering of friends and family. A nice meal had been prepared and the one dish was a big casserole made with potatoes with a delicious sauce and then tiny biscuits covering the top. We all filled our plates and sat at makeshift tables to eat. Sitting next to me was a busy mother. Everyone was talking and we were all having a good time when all of a sudden she surprised me by reaching over into my plate with her spoon and got my single little biscuit and ate it.

After the initial what?!  I had to restrain myself from bursting out and laughing. She never realized what she had done and I knew with years of having little ones hanging on her skirts and sitting next to her she was probably used to helping her children out when ever their plate was too full and it was purely habit.

I have been laughing at this all week when ever I happened to relive the moment.
Rosebud loves to read and with her own library card she can check out ten books each week. Having read several different series she asked me what I used to read when I was her age.

She had already read most of the books that I was familiar with but was excited to find the Five Little Peppers series which I used to love. She brought the first book home and curled up on the recliner to read it. An hour later she came and gave the book to me saying wearily. "Mom, I just can't read this book. It's like trying to eat a big bowl full of mashed potatoes all by myself."
Sunbeam: Mom is my voice as big as my hair?"

Me: "Sometimes. Why?'

Sunbeam dejectedly: "Sailor said so."
Short pause then brightly: I just have to practise being a little lady!
Sailor talking about how steam engines work and life in frontier towns to Rosy while she was trying to write a poem. Frustrated about having to listen to something she has no interest in she asked him if he could please let her think.
Sailor: It's hard not to talk about it when my head is so full of ideas.
Rosebud matter of factly: If you would keep your mouth closed your ideas wouldn't fall out.
Me: Giggle

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Singing is something that I have loved for as long as I can remember. From cute little children songs when I was a child to hymns and country songs and my favorite church songs as a teen. My days were filled with singing.

I looked forward to every other Sunday evening when the youth would gather at someone's house to spend two hours singing German hymns. It was great being able to sit and sing to your hearts content. As much as I loved singing the best part of the evening was the ride to and from the singing with LV.

For once I was glad that I didn't have an older brother otherwise I would not have been allowed to ride with LV. We both knew once John was old enough to join the youth our Sunday night drives would be over and determined to enjoy every minute of them until then.

The area we lived in had a lot of roads that provided short cuts to get from one Amish family to the next but we weren't about to use them. Instead we would choose the route that would take the longest and let the horse, Ridge walk slowly the whole time. We would often sing as we slowly made our way home.

One evening the singing was three miles away and we were looking forward to our ride home. We had already planned to take Arnold road which would add an additional mile and a half to our ride. However soon after the singing started LV's brother and family arrived and we knew they would see us turn off.

We left right after the singing was over and discussed what we were supposed to do since not only didn't we want to turn down that road if they saw us we wouldn't be able to let Ridge walk all the way home. We decided to let Ridge run like he used to and turn off at Camp Albryoca turn off our buggy lights and wait for his brother to pass and then take Arnold Road.

Urging Ridge to run a little faster we were happy to have no buggies in sight as we ducked into the camp and turned off the lights. I hardly dared to breathe as we waited quietly for his brother to pass. A little later they passed and we watched them disappear over the distant hill and turned on the lights and resumed our ride home.

Our little stay at Camp Albryoca would remain a secret......... until now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Storytime With Daddy

One of our favorite parts of inbetween Sundays used to be right after breakfast when Daddy would push his chair back from the table and start telling us stories from his childhood. We each had our favorites that we would ask to hear.

Breakfast dishes could wait while we were transported back in time where we could almost see and hear everything as we listened to Daddy's descriptive reliving of his childhood moments.

We lived on a small dairy farm which provided plenty of work for all of us. We milked the cows by hand every morning and night, and during the day we let them out into pasture to graze.

Dad didn't have any fences, saying that with all the boys he has there is no need to build a fence, that they can herd the cows. My brothers and I practically lived outdoors during the summer and herding cows has got to be one of the most monotonous things a boy can do. The cows knew where they could be and most days we each sat at the point assigned to us and watched the clouds float by, we each had a knife and we often whittled while we waited for a cow to stray so we would have an excuse to get up and head her back where she belonged thus breaking the monotony a little bit.

On one such day I was sitting under a big old oak tree. I was tired of watching the clouds drift by. The cows were all laying contently chewing their cuds I sprawled out under the tree and fell asleep. I have no idea how long I was sleeping when I was awakened in the most rude manner. A big Brown Swiss cow had stepped right on my stomach. I screamed, but the cow wouldn't budge. I screamed some more and my brothers came running to see what was wrong. They finally got the cow to step off of me and by now I was sure I was going to die.

I had a few pieces of candy in my pocket that I had been saving for a special occasion, so while one of my brothers ran to get Dad I ate it quickly before I die. It hurt so bad that I passed out and when I woke up I was laying in a hospital bed with nurses beside me. Mom was sitting on a chair beside my bed. She stayed with me until the doctors let me go home.

I didn't work for the rest of the summer and I actually wished I could go out in the pasture where there was nothing but clouds and sunshine, waving grass and cows, instead of being in the house with my six sisters fussing over me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meeting Future Family ~ Part Two

We spent most of the forenoon playing games. I enjoyed getting to know LV's cousins. Around eleven o'clock the girls and I went to help prepare lunch.

There wasn't much for me to do since the kitchen was filled with so many women. Everyone was talking and laughing and I enjoyed listening to them. Once lunch was ready everyone sat at the table. As soon as silent prayer was over it seemed as if everyone started talking at once. I soon came to the conclusion that i would enjoy spending time with such a fun loving bunch of people.

Right after lunch LV's sister-in-law Emma offered that I could ride with her that evening and she would drop me off at our house on her way home. I accepted her offer and went to ask LV if he would call my brother John and tell him that he wouldn't need to come pick me up that evening. LV suggested that I call and walked me to their phone shanty located behind their corn crib.

After I called John I opened the shanty door and saw LV had waited for me. Sitting next to him was his beloved dog Micky. A beautiful Border Collie. I petted the dog and we walked leisurely back to the house with Micky walking by my side. LV seemed pleased that his dog seemed to like me so much since he never cared for strangers. I was happy to hear that Micky was giving me special treatment.

When we got back to the house it wasn't long before the guests decided it was time to head for home. LV's Grandma was going to stay for several months so she had to say her good-byes to the guests too. After they had left the house seemed much more quiet even though LV's mother and Grandma talked in streak.

LV and I found a quiet corner and enjoyed visiting the rest of the afternoon until Emma was ready to leave for home.

As I got ready for bed that evening I felt relieved at how much I had enjoyed the day after the initial awkward moments had passed. And since Micky seemed to really like me I felt that everything was alright with the world after all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meeting Future Family ~ Part One

LV and I had been courting for a little more than a year when he told me that his Grandma and some of his aunts and cousins were coming to visit and he really wanted me to meet them. Especially his cousin Emma. He was sure we would be great friends if we got to know each other.

I asked Mom and Daddy permission and was happy when they agreed that I could have a day to go spend at LV's home and get to know more of his extended family.

When the day arrived I took special pains in getting ready and found my stomach all turned into knots at the thought of meeting so many strangers and having them form opinions about me. I was hoping that somehow I would be able to make a favorable first impression.

John hitched Fern to our single buggy and gave me a ride to LV's home. As I got off the buggy LV's Mom came out of the house and John drove down the lane. As I walked over the lawn to the house she came to meet me and said "Emma couldn't come after all and it had been because of her that they had invited me." My stomach twisted and I felt like running down the driveway after John and the buggy. "You can still come on in since John has left already." she continued.

I followed her into the house and as I entered the screen door closed a little too fast and caught the back of my shoe neatly removing it from my foot and leaving it on the porch. I was mortified as I quickly retrieved it and tried to slip it on but it seemed my foot had grown several sizes and it wasn't going to go back into that shoe without a fight. By the time I actually got inside the house everyone was looking at me. I wished I could sink through the floor. Thankfully LV came and rescued me and invited me to come upstairs where he and his cousins were playing a game. I was happy to get away from all the curious, amused stares and followed him upstairs in hopes that I would be able to salvage at least a little bit of my dignity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Graveyard

Nestled in the middle of our woods there was an old graveyard. No one had been buried there in the past fifty years but it was still well taken care of. New flowers were placed at each grave every year. Beautiful ferns grew along the perimeter of the graveyard and a lush moss covered much of the ground along the one side. During spring and early summer violets grew profusely.

As children it was one of our favorite places to play on Sunday afternoons when there was nothing else planned to do as a family. We knew each of the tombstone inscriptions by heart. Wandering through the graveyard I often wondered what the people buried there had experienced in their life. Often when we had visitors with children we would go play in the graveyard for a while. Most of the time that was fine but one time we took a family of children that climbed all the tombstones and jumped as far as they could. There was one especially large headstone with a cross on top. John, David and I watched in dismay as they climbed on top of it and jumped off. After quite a few jumps as the one boy was climbing up again the cross broke off. We knew we had to get them away before they do more damage and convinced them to come help us float homemade boats on the creek.

After they left we had to tell Mom and Daddy that a tombstone had been broken. They weren't very happy with us and said that from now on we weren't allowed to take visiting children to play in the graveyard.

As I grew older I loved going there to spend time alone to simply think and dream. Other times I would take good book along to read. Sunday afternoons my brothers and I would often spend time there talking and reading and every once in a while we would once again play a game that we used to when we were little children.

It is still one of my favorite spots from my childhood and I look forward to visiting it soon for the first time in years.