Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Autumn Days

This year autumn has been one beautiful day after the next. I really like springtime but there is something about autumn that makes it my favorite season.

This afternoon after school Sailor was wanting to practise batting. I joined them outside and we had a great time. Rosebud and Sailor took turns batting while Sunbeam decided her role in the game will be catcher for both of them.
 Rosebud ready to swing and Sunbeam cracking me up with her catchers pose.
A wild swing which actually connected with the ball. But notice Sunbeam.... eyes squeezed shut but her hands closer together in hopes the ball lands gently in her hands.

 Sailor up to bat with Sunbeam looking on quite unconcerned. He almost never misses the ball.

 Sailor swings and Sunbeam folds her arms knowing the ball will land somewhere far away from her.


  1. What a great day for playing ball! This weather's been just perfect. All of their expressions are priceless. I think she's brave playing catcher - I was always afraid somebody would get me with a bat. GREAT pics ~ ♥

  2. Those are the priceless moments that you will never forget.You have a beautiful family.
    Do you still live like the Amish faith? Are your kids of that faith,I guess maybe menonites(?)Sorry if to personal.My husband grew up with the Amish has his best friends here in Indiana(Milroy)and I have been slowly learning about the faith.

  3. I agree! I love autumn weather. I can finally spend as much time outside as I want - perfect time for playing ball or whatever strikes your fancy! Lovely action photos :-)

  4. I love how she has her eyes closed waiting for the ball! :) They look like they are having a ton of fun!

  5. Precious pictures! Great for scrapbooking too!

  6. So sweet...your children are precious....blessings

  7. Looks like lots of fun for the kids. Funny to see the girls in their pretty dresses, and Sailor in jeans with the knees out! So typical of girl-boy fashion sense.


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