Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meeting Future Family ~ Part Two

We spent most of the forenoon playing games. I enjoyed getting to know LV's cousins. Around eleven o'clock the girls and I went to help prepare lunch.

There wasn't much for me to do since the kitchen was filled with so many women. Everyone was talking and laughing and I enjoyed listening to them. Once lunch was ready everyone sat at the table. As soon as silent prayer was over it seemed as if everyone started talking at once. I soon came to the conclusion that i would enjoy spending time with such a fun loving bunch of people.

Right after lunch LV's sister-in-law Emma offered that I could ride with her that evening and she would drop me off at our house on her way home. I accepted her offer and went to ask LV if he would call my brother John and tell him that he wouldn't need to come pick me up that evening. LV suggested that I call and walked me to their phone shanty located behind their corn crib.

After I called John I opened the shanty door and saw LV had waited for me. Sitting next to him was his beloved dog Micky. A beautiful Border Collie. I petted the dog and we walked leisurely back to the house with Micky walking by my side. LV seemed pleased that his dog seemed to like me so much since he never cared for strangers. I was happy to hear that Micky was giving me special treatment.

When we got back to the house it wasn't long before the guests decided it was time to head for home. LV's Grandma was going to stay for several months so she had to say her good-byes to the guests too. After they had left the house seemed much more quiet even though LV's mother and Grandma talked in streak.

LV and I found a quiet corner and enjoyed visiting the rest of the afternoon until Emma was ready to leave for home.

As I got ready for bed that evening I felt relieved at how much I had enjoyed the day after the initial awkward moments had passed. And since Micky seemed to really like me I felt that everything was alright with the world after all.


  1. G'day JC ~ I so enjoy you ...
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I love reading your posts.
    I'm not Amish, but I feel like I'm right at home here.

  3. great post. I sure enjoy visiting.

  4. It's so nice to read. I am curious, do Amish teenagers have any simillar issues that non-amish kids do? It seems like such a great thing to have a community of people who agree on the same way of life.

  5. I too enjoy reading your posts. Look forward to them all time!
    Thanks for sharing.
    until next time... nel

  6. I laways found the Amish intriguing; great post.

  7. It seems that perhaps his mom's initial seeming ungraciousness was inadvertent. So glad that his family was so welcoming after all. I feel intimidated in situations with lots of strangers too.

  8. Read a few of your posts today and I am your new follower :)
    I look forward to reading more.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can remember to stop by again. Come on over anytime!

  10. I have such an interest in the Amish way of life. Thank you for giving me a real life account of your experiences. The Amish certainly have a grasp on something vital that is missing from our current modern world.

  11. How sweet that his dog approved of you!

  12. hey am back again, thanks for taking me down memory lane, i think that was the same time grandma Hershberger told me i should not put butter on my baked potato,but eat it plain,with salt and pepper lest I get to fat.


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