Friday, May 27, 2011


We traveled for quite a while before stopping at a motel to sleep. Twenty one hours of driving was too much to do with out stopping to rest. The next morning after having a quick breakfast we continued on our way. It still felt as if we should be waking up from a bad dream and finding us safely at home on the farm we loved.

Arriving at our new home it looked even smaller than I had remembered. There would be no basement to store my canned goods. No attic to store things I didn't need immediately and I knew I was in for a challenge to try to find room for all our belongings. We unpacked our suitcases and the few things we had brought on the mini van and then went down the road to spend the night at LV's parents. The big truck filled with all our earthly possessions wouldn't arrive until the next morning.

The weather was uncomfortable. It was only early summer but already humid and too warm compared to what we had been used to, and we found it hard to sleep. Once we finally drifted off we were soon awaken by a horrible noise right outside the bedroom window. A screeching grating sound that almost sounded as if someone were washing windows and making their towel screech and squeal over the glass. We soon discovered it was a Whip-poor-will singing and I groaned at the thought of having to hear that horrible sound every night. Night birds were supposed to sound sweet, and this was anything but sweet!
 The front of our little brown house.
 The back.

Morning arrived. So did the truck with our belongs. So did the whole community of Amish to help unload it and get us partially settled in. Once the truck was unloaded and had left, our friends that had brought us out stopped in to say good-bye. As they left I had to suppress the urge to run after them waving my arms and begging them to take us back home.
 Eating lunch that the ladies from church had brought.
 The hats found places to rest in the numerous trees in our yard while everyone was eating.
 Empty boxes were piled by the front door while one of LV's nephews enjoyed running in and out of the house.
Once every one had left the house was still in utter chaos. I got something for us to eat and then went to fix our beds so we could sleep. Once everything was ready I discovered LV and Sunbeam both worn out from an exhausting day and had to capture the moment. There was one thing I decided I like about this new community. Disposable cameras were okay, though others were still taboo. I knew I would be capturing moments often.


  1. Hurray for disposable cameras! That must've been a wonderful change:D

    Moving is definitely wearisome. We've moved three times since we've been married, and it seems like your stuff just multiplies every time. I haven't yet figured out how we got all our stuff out of a two bedroom rental and managed to cram-pack the three bedroom home we bought.

  2. What she said. :o)

    It is tiring after unpacking. And you did it one day! It took us months to unpack every thing.

  3. I don't mind moving...have done it often enough. It is tiring though.

    I take it rocking chairs were not verboten in the new community?

  4. Excellent post, Mary Ann. I'm so glad you were able to take and can now share those pictures! They are wonderful and add so much to the story, especially the one of LV and Sunbeam. :)

  5. I love the picture of LV and Sunbeam. I also have pictures of my husband holding our daughters when they were babies snoozing away. Such a sweet moment to catch on film.

  6. Packing up and moving is always such an exhausting ordeal. So glad you were able to take some pictures! :)

  7. Well, that's one positive thing... Picture taking was allowed! :)

  8. What a beautiful house in a beautiful setting. Interesting to see a brown house. The Amish near where I grew up have white siding.

    And goofy me didn't even think about the fact that you took those pictures until you said something. :) I love getting the inside look! (By the way, I gave you a shout-out on my blog this week. You were awarded "Favorite Blog" this month.) :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Sarah- When buying a house the color of siding isn't something to consider. When building one white is the preferred color. Things somehow look neater and cleaner with a white house. I grew up in an olive green house with ugly yellow gables. :)

    About the pics. I only took the one with LV and Sunbeam. Our friends that brought us to our new home took the rest.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog on yours. Always appreciated.

  10. Mama Hen- As far as I know rocking chairs are accepted in every Amish community.

  11. Disposable cameras were OK - that's too funny. I bet you're thankful for the pictures now though and those disposables take pretty good pictures actually. Daddies and babies sleeping - some of my favorite pics. ♥

  12. I can see the house is smaller than you were used to, but the location really looks beautiful.

  13. I can identify with the "no attic" problem, although I at least have a basement to throw things into! Leaving your beloved home must have been very wrenching - I hope you made some wonderful new memories in your new place.

  14. That's a sweet photo, and a good memory out of the chaotic time of moving.
    Your whipoorwill comment reminds me of a time we were camping and heard a whipoorwill as we were climbing into sleeping bags for the night. We though the bird sounded quaint... until it kept calling all night long! After a few hours, we wished we could wring its scrawny neck.

  15. Houses here in South Africa aren't built with basements.....

    Sunbeam looks like a doll in your pic!

  16. That last picture of LV holding Sunbeam is so precious. I have a picture in my mind of my husband doing the same thing. I wish I had thought to capture the moment on film like you did.

    Moving is so stressful. I can't imagine having to find room for all of your things after moving to a smaller house. The funny thing about houses is that they look bigger when they're empty.

  17. Packing,moving,unpacking..all stressful in my book, but especially so if you love the place you're leaving!

    No attic? No basement? Count it a blessing! When we moved, our basement was full,so was our attic, just more to sort,pack and move! (No attic here,no basement, but now we have a FULL GARAGE!) No plans to move again though!

  18. As we get further along in your story, I get more anxious. LOL
    The photos are a treasure to have, for sure.

  19. How kind of your community to welcome you and help you unpack and share their cooking with you!
    I'm sure you'll make it your own "home sweet home". Home is where love is...
    Sweet photos you've shared!
    We are heading to St.Jacobs Country in the summer it there and it feels so much like home to me xo

    Deborah xoxo

  20. Well amen any how, my love and hugs go your way, I too have been where you are now...We moved from MI to FL to a smaller home too, the bugs the flys the humid air was unbearable, but with time you get used to it, and it becomes home, and I dearly love the South now, I would never want to go up North again, to live, just too cold, I will take the noisey birds singing, and love bugs hanging, and all the rest that goes with my part of the Country, you will get used to it, I remember when I fell in love with where God planted me, and I have been happy ever since.
    Old things and ways die hard but they deminish with time, make your little brown house a home for you and your precious family, I for one will be praying with you dear. Hugs from Barbara

  21. Ugh I hate moving. Everytime my Hubby says he'd like to move I remind him of our nightmare moving day and he quickly changes his mind! blessings, Joanne

  22. It is so true that pictures speak a thousand words.

  23. That last picture with LV and Sunbeam is absolutely precious!


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