Monday, June 3, 2013


After several late frosts killed our lilacs and most of the bleeding hearts, I was thrilled to see that one sprig of bleeding hearts managed to bloom.

The air is humming with bumblebees as they bumble their way in and out of the blossoms on our huge rhododendron bush.

I love all the blooming-ness that we get to enjoy this time of year. It's almost enough to make me rethink having winter as my favorite season.


  1. Though I love winter, I think springtime is my favorite! LOVE the rhododendrons... mine are out, now, too and we still have some lilacs blooming. Smells so sweet! I wish I had a bleeding heart bush out front, but the only one I planted, died on me :-( My mom had them and when I was little, I knew that when it bloomed, peonies would be next and then school would be done soon!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! I especially love those bleeding heart.

  3. Beautiful! My rose bush is going bananas and I have a clematis in the front that I finally put a trellis behind this year so it loves that and is growing daily. I've found that the less I tend to my flowers, the more they seem to grow. :) Yours look so pretty.

  4. Really, really pretty flowers. I love the reminder of new life and growth that spring brings along with itself. I also like the reminder that there is beauty to be found in what appears to be damaged.

  5. I love all the flowers. My mom had a bleeding heart in her garden too, and we always looked forward to seeing it bloom. The ones in my yard are the kind that bloom all summer, so they look a little different, but they come up all by themselves, which is good, because I'm a terrible gardener!


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