Saturday, April 23, 2022

T ~ Tunnel

     Not too far from our home there's an old railroad that has been converted to a hiking/biking trail.
    We enjoy walking on it, even as it has become quite popular and filled with people.
    When we were growing up it had been only an old unused overgrown railroad that led into a dark tunnel that had water dripping from the ceiling and even spots where parts of it had crumbled and lay broken on the floor.
    That has all been repaired and lights have been installed.
    It makes a lovely place to go hiking/walking, but occasionally as another biker goes whizzing by I almost miss the days when it was ugly, but private.
    On Monday Steven and I decided we want to walk through it for the first time this spring. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we headed out. As we approached the tunnel it felt as if we were standing in front of an AC unit that was turned on high.
    The wind blowing through the 3,290+ ft. tunnel became quite chilled before it exited. 
    We wished we had taken our coats, but speeding up our walking kept us almost warm enough.
    The view across the mountains at the other end of the tunnel never disappoints. We sat on a bench for a while to soak it all in and then headed back.
    We hope to get to enjoy it a lot this summer.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful place to visit, even though you were quite chilled.

  2. Well, at least the cold air encouraged you to walk quickly, which is good for you.

    I can understand your comment about missing when it was more private though, even if it wasn't so nice looking.


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