Thursday, April 7, 2022

F ~ Fine China

     Going through my Mom's things I was surprised at the vast amount of beautiful dishes she had. I remembered maybe half of them.
    I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, because my Dad loved finding pretty dishes and buying them for Mom.
    It was not an uncommon occurrence during my growing up years for him to come home with some kind of pretty dishes and present them to Mom. 
She would admire them, display them for a few days before tucking them into a cupboard where we would use them in rotation with the rest of her pretty dishes.
    She had lots of candy bowls. Multiple gorgeous fine china dinnerware sets. More berry bowl sets, fruit bowls, and cake plates than I imagined a kitchen could possibly hold. Plus so many, many other random pretty dishes.   
    I shouldn't have been surprised that her collection of fine china and other pretty dishes kept growing over the years even after I was married.
    I kept a few of the pieces I remembered having liked the most from my childhood and teen years, the sister-in-laws each kept a pile for themselves, and the majority was packed up for the upcoming auction.


  1. This really hits home as we've spent the last several months going through my mother's possessions. Thankfully, my niece took lots of beautiful dishes, and I'm so glad she has them and can enjoy them.

  2. Before we sold our house in Spokane, I gave all of my china and antique and sentimental bowls, etc. to our daughter. I didn't know if I would ever have room for them again. Now that we're in a house again in Nebraska, there are a few things I would love to have again, but the joy I have seeing our daughter use them outweighs my wants. I'm glad she likes them too.

  3. My mother had two different sets of China that were used for birthday and holiday dinners and when we had special guests. One of my sisters took the one set when we were cleaning out my parents home, and they all gifted me the other set on my birthday that year. We also have one of my mother-in-law's china sets. It's probably about time to pull them out for another Sunday Family Dinner.

  4. I have kept one of my mother's bone china coffee sets. It's not used much but it is loved.

  5. My Mom also loved her pretty china cups and saucers. She used them often and was so happy to set a pretty table.

  6. That's lovely your Dad brought your Mom so many pretty dishes and things, and that you and your sister-in-laws were able to keep some of your favourites of them.


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