Thursday, April 14, 2022

L ~ Lost in Translation

     In German as well as in Pennsylvania Dutch the word "hell" means bright, or light, or even blonde in English. 
    Having English as your second language can be a little interesting at times.
    One such time was when one of my sister-in-law's friends went to the paint store. She selected the color she wanted from the samples, and they mixed it up for her.
    After the shaking process was done they opened the lid for her to make sure it's what she wanted.
    It was brighter than she had hoped for.
    "What do you think?" the guy mixing the paint asked her.
    "Well," she said, "It looks a little hell."
    I can only imagine what the guy thought hearing this sweet young Amish woman 'curse'.
    When I heard about it, I had to laugh, and laugh.
    Another incident of being lost in translation. This time a little more unfortunate than most.


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