Tuesday, April 5, 2022

D ~ Dramatic

     Mom had a doctor appointment in a city farther away than usual, and I was at home with all my lofty ideas and goals for the day.
    I was going to surprise her with a basket filled with all sorts of treats to enjoy once she got back.
    Among the items I planned for the basket were chocolate covered pretzels and some lovely bread buns.
    Maybe I was trying to multitask too much, but nothing was turning out the way I had envisioned.
    I had forgotten the yeast for the bread buns, and even after multiple attempts at melting the chocolate to dip pretzels, it always seized up in an ugly clump.
    None of the things turned out right. I stuffed most in the pantry out of sight, but with some effort I was able to use my fingers and attach some chocolate to the pretzels. They still looked terrible, but I put them in a pretty dish and set them on the middle of the table where Mom was sure to see them when she got home.
    It was time for bed, so I scribbled a quick note and tucked it next to the pretzels. 
    I knew we would both get a good laugh the next day when I regaled her with the tales of my day of woes.

     I was surprised to find she had kept that note all these years. It gave me a good laugh as I remembered my twelve  year old self  being gleefully dramatic as I penned it for her.


  1. That's so sweet! I can feel the pain of the 12 year old!

  2. Oh, what a sweet memory! So wonderful that your mother kept it for all these years. It certainly touched her heart in ways your physical gifts could not.

  3. Definitely dramatic. :-) I love that she kept it for so long.

  4. That's such a sweet memory. Thanks for sharing.


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