Monday, April 25, 2022

U ~ Ube

     I was first introduced to ube  (pronounced ooh-beh) last year and I may have become slightly obsessed with it.
     Ube is a lovely purple yam from the Philippines that is especially lovely in desserts.
    The only problem is, they're extremely hard to find. Basically impossible in our area.
    When ever we go traveling I check out Whole Foods and specialty grocery stores to see if I can find some.
     I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to recipes using ube that are mostly untested in my kitchen due to the high level of difficulty of finding them. (You can see it here.)
    If anyone wants to be a friend for life all you have to do is get me a nice steady supply of ube. Just kidding -- maybe.


  1. Never heard of this and I once lived in the Philippines from 1952-57 but then I was very young. You do have a lot of recipes saved.

  2. Interesting. Never heard of it, but now plan to get some to try if I ever come across it.


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