Saturday, April 9, 2022

H ~ Huggly

    Huggly, a word we coined to describe an ugly gift that means a lot to you because of who gifted it to you and their thought behind it.
    I have a few such items tucked away, and when going through my Mom's things I came across a huggly I gave her the Christmas when I was nine.
    I was limited in my options of what I could make, but happened upon what I though was the perfect idea. A piece of cardboard covered with scraps of pretty contact paper that I wrote a poem of sorts on. The another piece of cardboard to create a frame for it.
    It still needed a little something and I happened upon the perfect idea. 
    At school when ever we got 100% on our lessons the teacher gave us a sticker to put on a chart on the wall. I decided to work extra hard and instead of placing the stickers on the chart I'd take them home and place them on the frame to make a pretty border.
    It took quite a bit of time and a lot of hard work but by the time Christmas rolled around I had enough stickers to complete my little project.
    Mom hung that ugly thing on her bedroom wall and kept it there until after I was married.
    Finding it again I took a picture and then tossed it.
    Huggly describes it perfectly.


  1. How sweet that your mother kept this through the years. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is not ugly at all ~
    Just perfectly Sweet 🍎

  3. That really is a sweet gift to your Mum. I agree with Fiona - it's not ugly at all!

  4. I thought it was so cute,and your printing was so pretty. I don't blame your Mom one bit for keeping it on the wall for so long.
    I know she was so proud of you.

  5. how treasurable - how lovely
    My mom preserved my hand written cards and gifts too

    Good day - Dropping by from A to Z -

  6. Oh how charming - and clearly your mother knew it for the treasure it was. And huggly is a delightfully fun word.

  7. I don't think it is ugly at all! It was a treasure! Your mother obviously loved it, and I would have been proud to have had it on my wall as well. I do love your word, though. Can we all borrow it? Huggly (giggles)

  8. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I ordered all four of the Lily books for my granddaughter who will turn 8 this month, and loves to read. I'd love to know one thing, though: Are you Mary Ann or Suzanne? I'd love to have a name to attach to your blog.

  9. I think that little present is beautiful and if I had been given it I would have kept too.. such a lovely little verse.

  10. Huggly, but thankfully your Mom saw the beauty in it.

  11. That's a great word. And how sweet your Mother kept it all this time.


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