Tuesday, April 26, 2022

V ~ Ventriloquist

    There are times I am convinced my phone is a ventriloquist.
    The alert sounds that I received a text. 
    Though the phone is right next to me, it sounds as if the alert came from across the room.
    It happens every single time!
    Yesterday Steven and I went on a hike. I had my phone in my pocket when I received a text. It sounded as if it came from some distance to the right of me.
    I don't understand it.
    But it continues to happen. It's little talent is quite unhelpful if I'm trying to locate it


  1. A constant question we share as husband and wife - Was that your phone or mine? And I have to agree that the location of the sound can be confusing at times. I wonder if that is dependent upon the quality of the connection at the time?
    Blessings, Mary Ann!

  2. Phone rings hav that confusing pitch. I don't hav that prob as i keep my phone always almost on silent much to irritation of others.

    Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

  3. It's often tricky to tell where the alert comes from. I think it's why so many people pull their phones out if one person gets a notification in a room full of people.


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