Friday, April 8, 2022

G ~ Gel

     Gel: Pronounced with a hard 'g' is a Pennsylvania Dutch word that doesn't have a simple English word for translation.
    Often used after making a statement you hope the other person agrees with.
    Meaning do you agree, or isn't that right.

    I was reminded of how often we used to use it, and how there is no simple word to translate it when reading some old letter Mom and her friends used to write. The entire letter was written in English, with the occasional Gel thrown in after some paragraphs.
    It made me wonder what someone who didn't speak Pennsylvania Dutch would think if they were to read the letters without anyone to translate.



  1. Well, if it helps with your curiosity... I thought this post was going to be about hair gel or something, since I'd never heard the word used in any form other than to describe something with a gel-like consistency.


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