Monday, April 4, 2022

C ~ Colostrum Cup

     In the back of the cupboard, behind all the teacups and coffee mugs, Mom kept a tiny cup. A cup reserved for one specific purpose.
    When ever there was a whisper that there was whooping cough in the area, Mom would send Dad on a mission to locate some colostrum. 
    He would drive from farm to farm until he came to one that had a cow that had just had a calf and bought some of the colostrum from the first milking.
    Mom would line us up, fill that tiny cup with colostrum, and we each had a turn drinking our little cupful. It was a daily occurrence as long as any cases in the community remained.
    When ever the supply of colostrum was running low Dad would head out to locate some more.
    Disgusting, shudder inducing stuff it was! So bad that to this day I can not drink eggnog, smoothies, or milkshakes because the consistency is too similar.
    We were able to avoid getting whooping cough for a long time, but finally when I was a teenager we contracted a mild case.
    We found that little cup when going through Mom's things. We all recognized it and reminisced about those days. 
    It was added to the pile of auction things, but on a whim I decided I want to keep. Somehow it grew a great deal more special over the passing years.


  1. I can't even imagine drinking that. I can see why the cup would be special though.

  2. Oh my mother and grandmother had one like it! I often wonder what happened to it. Held toothpicks.

  3. It would look pretty with a few little flowers.

  4. I can understand your dislike of things that remind you of drinking that.


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