Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Life with Steven

     I love seeing life through Steven's eyes. To him, everything is still a thing of wonder.

    Today the truck that paints yellow lines passed our house leaving a nice fresh set of lines down the middle of the road. "Can we go touch the paint?" he asked.

    "Sure, let's go," I said.

    He grabbed my hand and we ran out and got yellow paint on the tips of our finger, and then hurried back to the house. He laughed the entire way, thinking it was all a grand adventure.


     I had to go clean one of the trucks LV is rebuilding. It's at the final stages, so I simply had to clean out the cab, and wipe everything down to get it ready to leave the shop.

    Steven accompanied me, sitting in the back seat talking in a streak. We discussed various kinds of caterpillars, the meanings of some new words he saw today, and then a lengthy discussion on Pennsylvania facts and history. He keeps me on my toes with his constant desire to know more.

    Once we arrived he was happy to help clean the truck. Anything to do with semis is a thrill to him, even if it's only cleaning them.


    He loves working in the kitchen. With every one else gone for the day, he asked if he can make lunch for me. I had veto powers, but I didn't need to use them as he delivered a bowl of rice with pepperoni. It was actually quite tasty.


    I'm so very thankful for this young man. I enjoy every day I get to be his mother, and look forward to seeing what he will do in life.


  1. When you spend the day looking at the world through a child's eyes, it's a good day!

  2. How fun is that? I really enjoyed hearing about your day with Steven. I miss having our children around and I'm looking forward to retirement when we'll move closer to at least one grandchild!

  3. SOunds like your life is full of adventure and so much fun.


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