Tuesday, August 18, 2020


 Reading ... In the Bible I'm in Ecclesiastes. In fiction I'm in the middle of waiting on Sharon to finish reading a book so I can have my turn. I didn't want to start another one while I wait. In non-fiction I decided to give the book Fifty Ways to Leave Left Behind. I haven't gotten into it enough to know what I think of it.

Watching ... a nature show about wildlife in India.

Listening ... to some instrumental music and the girls laughing and talking as they're cleaning up the kitchen. 

Thinking ... life is beautiful.

Wearing ... an old dress that has a row of pills where the seat belt has rubbed against it. It's not something I'll wear any longer when out and about, but it's still comfy and will be fine as an everyday dress for a while yet.

Baking ... Rosie Mae made a fabulously decadent chocolate cake. We had needed cocoa powder and I decided to pick some up at a little bakery/bulkfood store. It wasn't as easy as I thought when presented with a variety of different cocoa powders to choose from. I got several, and Rosie Mae had to try one of them for her cake. It turned out beyond any chocolate-y dreams I may have had. 
    Sharon loves baking bread, and not just easy breads, but  breads that have a list of steps and need to be braided all fancy. She gets attached to them as she makes them and usually names them. We enjoyed Alex most recently.

Cooking ... we have been enjoying fresh sweet corn, but tonight was more of a simple dinner of rice and beans.

Cleaning ... Sharon, Steven and I cleaned out our porch basement today. It's looking so much better now and ready for the coal bin to be filled for winter.

Hiking ... only around a mile and a half this weekend, but that included clambering up and down steep banks with only the faintest hint of a path. I had debated not going since my right foot hasn't been the friendliest, but it was worth it.


  1. I always enjoy your currently post :)
    What kind of chocolate cake did Sharon make? I love chocolate and sounds like it was a very good cake

  2. I do like the thought of naming the bread!

  3. Thank you for your calming blogs. I read your blog every single day or as often as you post. It must have been your aunt years ago that I "found" your blog and you are on my reading list every day! I recently purchased Honeycomb since your post intrigued me. My husband and 2 adult children who live at home play it with us when we are fortunate to have all of our schedules come together! The two adult children have careers and are busy and both of us work as well!

  4. Rosie Mae's chocolate cake sounds wonderful and I laughed out loud at Sharon naming the bread. I also have several dresses that I only wear at home. They are so comfortable I just can give them up but I don't wear them in public.
    Take care.

  5. Another delightful glimpse in to your world. I always enjoy these.


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