Tuesday, April 23, 2019

T ~ Tis so Sweet

    We had left the Amish and found what we felt was "our" church. From our first visit we knew we were "home". The people were friendly and welcoming, the sermons made scripture come to life, and the singing ... let's just say after years of slow Amish church songs the singing was pure joy!
     Not long after we had started attending this church the Pastor announced that Sunday evening would be a little different. Families were welcome to share a Bible reading or sing a hymn, and we'd simply enjoy an evening of fellowship like that.
    We enjoyed it fully, and several months later when he announced they would be having another Sunday evening like that, LV and I started thinking ... what could we do? We absolutely loved the hymn Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus. It was very meaningful to us and we decided to sing it that evening.
     We practiced a few times that afternoon, and when it was time for Sunday evening services we left our house to go to church, a little more nervous than usual, but firmly decided we would be singing.


    Family after family went up to the front of the church and did what ever it was they had chosen to do: sing, read, play the piano. There was a short pause and LV got up ... somehow we made out way to the front of the church. He spoke a few words, sharing why we had chosen this song, and then we proceeded to sing it and returned to our seats when we were done.
      It had gone well, but that was the first and last time our family ever volunteered to do a "special" at church.


  1. You are brave folks.I'm sure this was a blessing to many.

  2. I love that song. I used to sing special numbers at church once in a while. I know how nerve wrackingi it can be. I'm so glad that you shared it with your church family as it was surely a blessing to them all.

    1. I admire people who can sing special numbers without qualm. For me it was a once in a life time experience. :)

  3. I don't mind speaking in public, but singing is another matter entirely. You are brave, brave folks!

    1. I prefer listening in public. I'll leave the speaking and singing to others.


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