Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I ~ Interests

      "What are your interests or hobbies?" the voice on the other end of the question asked. We had already made our way through numerous other uncomfortable small talk/breaking the ice type of chitter chatter.
     My mind scrambled to find an acceptable answer. I don't have an actual hobby, but the things that interest me are a wide and varied assortment.

     So here goes …

     • Studying the Bible … more than just a quick read.
     • Trying new recipes. That actually covers a wide selection of things right there. Everything from common easy things, to weirdly exotic and difficult.
     • Learning more about plants and what they can be used for.
     • Learning odd and interesting facts about anything.
     • Taking relaxing walks through the woods and some other favorite spots, as well as exploring new spots with the family.
     • Sewing … again ever learning how to make new things.
     • Reading, either books that interest me or bedtime stories with Steven.
     • Writing, here a little, there a little. On a wide variety of subjects and ideas.
     • Beadwork
     • Animals … the care of those we have, and interesting facts about any other animal.
     • People watching … fascinating creatures, humans.
     • Music … listening to a wide variety of it, including enjoying the sound of Sharon play the piano. Singing.
     • Journaling, planners, office supplies, and list making.
     • Household tips and hints … I'm starting to jot some of my families tried and true ones down. If I have enough they could make a book someday … or at the very least, some blog posts.
     • Travel
     • Homeschool … this particular interest would provide days worth of fodder.
     • Photography

     The list could continue for a long time. So even though I don't have a hobby, basically everything in my life interests me, as well as a lot of things I would still like to learn to do and know.


  1. When asked what is my hobby I am always stuck for an answer too. Im always doing something and always trying new things. I do not have a single hobby but I have many things I like to do.

    1. Sounds like we're much the same in this area. :)


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