Saturday, April 13, 2019

L ~ Life of Fred

    We were about five years into our home school journey when I first heard about the Life of Fred math books. I was immediately intrigued when the person telling me about them shared how her children went from hating math to now begging to be allowed to do more math after she started using these books.
     Math had never been my favorite subject, but if these books had that kind of power, I wanted to check them out. The price when I first looked at them scared me off, but it was important enough to me that our children learn to enjoy math that I started a little savings jar and a year later I was able to buy the first few books of the series.
     I read those first few books in one sitting. They were so different from any other math books I had ever seen, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but I wasn't convinced that using only these books would give them enough math for a year of school. I decided to use them as a summer math program.
    Our children have enjoyed the books, and learned a lot from them. Did they absolutely love math because of the books? No. They liked the books, and math makes more sense and has become easier, but it's still math.
     I have liked those books well enough that I continued with my little Life of Fred fund and year by year I'd add another book or two. I still need a few books to complete the university level set, but then I'm done.
     Life of Fred has been a great addition to our home school. I probably could have, but I never relied on them as our sole math program like some families do. I would though, recommend them to anyone who is looking for an interesting approach to math.

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  1. I'll have to see if our library has some of these. They sound interesting. My daughter has never begged to be able to do more math. I wonder how that would be?


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