Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y ~ Yes

   There were times when an Amish woman was expected to say "yes" whether or not she meant it.

   When there were issues to vote on in church, the only thing women and girls were allowed to vote was "yes."

    For the women who happened to have a good husband, their role of being the submissive wife was no problem. Unfortunately there were some men that abused that power, and their poor wives did not enjoy a happy life.

    I have nothing against the word yes, when used by your own free will.


  1. I'm enjoying your little tidbits that you share!

    I have looked at several previous posts but can't seem to find where you tell about leaving the Amish. Is there a particular blog entry I should open?

  2. I wonder why they were "allowed" to vote at all if their only vote could be yes. Interesting.

  3. That kind of thing has been happening to women for a long time unfortunately. I too wonder if your blogs say why and how you left the group.

  4. I shared my story of growing up and then leaving Amish here on my blog, all in chronological order. Leaving was a process not condensed to a single blog post. July, August, and September 2011 is where you'll find the answers you're looking for.


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