Monday, April 27, 2015

W ~ Walking

    We used to walk, a lot, when we were Amish. Our community didn't allow bicycles or scooters, and simply walking often seemed easier than having to get the horse and buggy ready.
    It had to be raining pretty hard before we got a ride to and from school. Otherwise we walked.
    Teens often chose to walk miles rather than ride in the family buggy.
     Yesterday a group passed our house, but even after they had disappeared our dog kept raising a fit. It was then that Sailor spotted one of the boys hiding beside our waterfall, peering at our house. He approached him at which point he jumped up and ran through the water at the top of the waterfall and ran up the road.
    Apparently the lives of an ex-Amish family seems interesting to an Amish teenager. We'll be staying a little more alert, to see if his spying is a habit. Since he walks to his hideout there is nothing that alerts us to his presence unless our dog starts pitching a fit again.


  1. I hope it doesn't turn into an obsession for him.

  2. Well, f *we* find your life interesting, just imagine how it must look to him. He probably means no harm, but the curiosity must be immense. Weren't you told you'd o to Hell if you left the Amish? He's most likely waiting for the lightning to strike - or thinking if it worked for you, it might work for him. Maybe next time he turns up, invite him in?

  3. Why were bicycles prohibited?

  4. Dogs are great at alerting us to possible trouble!


  5. To me, it seems perfectly normal that an Amish teenager would be curious about a family of ex-Amish.


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