Friday, April 10, 2015

I ~ Ice Cream

Ice cream was a real treat while we were growing up.

On the rare occasion that Dad brought some home it would immediately be wrapped in heavy comforters to try to keep it from melting until we were ready to eat it

It didn't matter if it wasn't quite time to make supper. Mom and I would drop everything we were doing and immediately go make soup. We would eat it as soon as it was ready and then it was time to bring the ice cream out.

Mom would fill bowls with ice cream and we'd all dig in. After we had eaten until we couldn't  take another bite the melting left overs were given to our cats.


  1. I hadn't thought of the freezer-no ice cream problem! I so love ice cream so that would be a difficulty for me. I love how you still ate dinner first though. I'm guessing no one ate too much soup as they were excited to get to the ice cream?

  2. Would you say most Amish have freezers now?


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