Thursday, April 23, 2015

T ~ Trouble

There seems to be an overly romanticized view of all things Amish, and more people than ever think it would be great to join them.

It is not an easy trouble free life they imagine it to be.

Amish are afflicted with the same kinds of troubles that anyone else faces.
  • Financial ~ Every family is responsible for their own finances, making mortgage payments, and paying any other bills they may have. 
  • Health ~ Contrary to some reports I have seen, Amish seem to have all health related issues that anyone else can have. Cancer, heart attacks, depression, etc. Plus they have some other problems that are basically unheard of outside of the Amish.
On top of troubles all mankind shares, they have a unique set of troubles that are kept hush-hush.
  • Rules that are enforced by public confessions and shunning.
  • Hidden sins that hurt others in the community, but are never dealt with properly.
  • Church problems that need to be handled by their own unique court system.


  1. It is understandable to some extent ( to me) why some people do this. Many "modern" ( for lack of a better term) churches have alienated conservative Christians and some see this plain way of life as a refreshing change. I have known, during our "plain" journey a good number of generic plain folks who have stayed on the fringes of one of the plain churches ( as we did) - sharing principles and some fellowship with these groups, but not seeking membership. Of course, the Amish are not going to fellowship in any corporate way with outsiders as some of the other plain churches might ( we were long time attendees of a meeting started by brethren for the families to encourage one another that was a Bible study in reality, but they were not going to call it that because it wasn't allowed. It was God's will this thing was tolerated by this church). It is a helpful thing for you and others who have been in similar communities to share their experiences and knowledge.

  2. It is interesting that you mention these things because I, too, have noticed the seemingly unstatiable appetite for anything Amish these days. Although I do wish I could copy the family closeness and many of the simple ways I read about, there are many aspects of the life I couldn't live with. I do so long for a return to a simpler lifestyle.
    As always, thank you for sharing with us Mary Ann.

  3. I don't romanticize that life, but there are definitely things I'd like to incorporate into my own life. I'd like to live somewhere more rural and have a little farm that I can work. Cut back on all the tech. But I lack the religious dedications; I wouldn't trade away modern medicine... And I couldn't imagine being part of a belief system that required you to stop associating with people you love simply because they believe different...

    @Get Lost in Lit

  4. Living close to an Amish community I can tell you that it is NOT romanticized around here. Thank you so much for giving us an insiders perspective


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