Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding Day Glimpse

I had been unable to find the photo album containing pictures from our wedding back when I posted about it but, decided there is no reason why I can't share a photo from that day now. The quality of this picture is poor but I'm still glad we have a small stack of pictures from our wedding day.

This room was our furniture showroom that had to be emptied for the reception. There was another room right next to it that was also filled with tables. The corner where there is a blue table cloth was where the wedding party sat and the window on the left side of the picture is the one that was secretly opened to get rid of the tomato juice we had been served. You can also still see piles of snow outside the window even though it was already spring.

Almost all the dishes you see were loaned to us from friends and neighbors. We could have used the supremely ugly olive green dishes supplied by the church for anyone that wanted to use them for weddings or funerals but I wanted to see pretty things on our special day. Not, olive green.


  1. What a pretty reception you had. The dishes on the tables make the room look beautiful. Blue and white is a lovely combination.

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. There is so much beauty in simplicity. All too many of my friends have gone to the " extreme " and made the occasion more of a showcase of excess than a celebration of Love.

  4. What a lovely setting! It must have been quite a job to coordinate all the tables and make them look so nice.

    We had a "home-grown" wedding reception too, and were fortunate to be friends with folks who run a flower wholesale business. We had dozens of spring flowers around: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. It smelled wonderful!


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