Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Tidbits

I usually like to start my weeks off with a new blog post but, on mornings like today I wonder why I even bother trying.

Here's a small sampling of my day so far.

  • Buddy was still sound asleep when it was time to get up this morning so I tiptoed downstairs without waking him up. Never mind that it would require my tiptoeing back upstairs every five minutes to check on him. I really need to get our baby monitor set up!
  • I'm drawing blanks when it comes to packing a great lunch for LV. After tossing several ideas around my head I ended up making the usual sandwich and tucked a few other things in as well. I dream of packing great lunches and vow to make that dream come true before long.
  • LV leaves for work and it's time to round up all the dirty laundry. Monday's are still my laundry day and after getting everything sorted and the first load in the washer I checked on Buddy again. He was blinking his eyes and waving his little hands. At my "Good morning, Buddy" he gave me one of his heart melting smiles. I settled down to change and feed him.
  • With Buddy cared for I lay him in his crib that we have in the living room and hang a few colorful toys above him to look at and swat with his hands. He coos and gurgles happily as I sign into my blog to make a new post.
  • The dryer buzzes before I get a single word typed so I care for that.
  • Buddy is hungry again. I feed him and rock him to sleep.
  • Rosebud declares solemnly that she would really like to meet the person that first decided to multiply fractions and have a heartfelt talk with him. I check her work and everything was correct. After explaining a new lesson in Language Arts to both Sailor and Rosebud I again settle down at the computer.
  • Sailor is hungry and opens the refrigerator and says something doesn't smell good. A stinky refrigerator isn't welcome in our house so everything gets removed while the insides get scrubbed and all the food gets placed back inside except for the offending pack of mushrooms that was discovered hidden in the back of the bottom shelf and was qualifying for some pretty serious science experiments.
  • I'm hungry for some Vanilla Crumb pie which reminds me of our wedding day, which in turn reminds me that I finally found the pictures from our wedding day and decide to do a post with a few of them.
  • For some reason I can't get pictures off our camera this morning so I can't do that wedding picture post after all.
So that's how my day was so far. Not very exciting at all and certainly not following a clear schedule but I'm enjoying it all the same. How has your Monday morning been?


  1. As I sat down with my coffee just to read "blog posts" the phone started ringing political call after another..tomorrow is the" Michigan Primary" ....I have since turned the ringer off and made sure voice mail was turned on..sigh
    I would rather be interupted by loving children!!!

  2. We woke up with the chickens :-) (we're visiting a friend who has some) and since this is vacation, we've done none of the usual stuff like laundry, cook breakfast, but managed to go for a nice long walk across a field, through the woods and down to a lake... I could do this again, tomorrow! .. Hey! We're still on vacation, so maybe I will!

  3. Thankful my feet hit the floor for another fabulous day.

    Walked in your shoes, love retirement of parenthood.

    Come follow me on my linky, please.
    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Good ol' Mondays! I do my laundry on Mondays too (which sometimes stretches into Wednesday... depending on how on top of things I stay). I keep a 3-bag laundry sorter in our closet; if it's not in there by Monday morning, it doesn't get washed that week.

    We homeschool too, but I'm on the other end of things. One has graduated college and my last is in his final year of high school.

  5. I spent part of my morning at the dentist. But it was just a cleaning, my teeth are fine for another 6 months and I really like my dentist. : )

  6. I've had days that sound like yours. For my husband's lunches I dish up food from our dinners and either send it the next day or freeze it for a day I don't have last nights leftovers. He heats them in the microwave at work. It saves me having to think about what to pack and we just have to reach an take what is already boxed up first thing in the morning.


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