Monday, February 20, 2012

The Winners

 I enjoyed reading all the comments and all the different reasons for smiles. And now I'll turn to my trusty friend, the random generator to choose the winners.

Fisrt up.
Comment # 39

Kathleen said............
Before I was even out of bed this morning, I was blessed with my first smile by something my husband said. He has come down with a really bad cold and I told him I was going to make him a huge pot of chicken soup. His reply? "Oh no...this is a BIG BOY cold, we'll need to boil a Bison!"

Comment # 9

Niki said ............
I'd love to win this devotional. I'm not familiar with it, but I was just starting to look for one, and this may be perfect :)

Comment # 30

Susie said ...........
After a rather stressful day, the simple joy of watching my daughter enjoy the supper I made for her brought a smile to my face.

Comment # 52

tea4too0 said ............
I got to see my son in law be very suprised for his birthday. His sister came from California, and then had a suprise party at his church. The look on his face, priceless.
Thanks for the giveaway,

Comment # 13

ninamaria said ........
We have some very dear friends that are in the process of adopting a preemie (his mother was a meth addict). He is 2 weeks old today and he was able to come off his cpap for breathing! The Lord is working miracles in his body also because he is testing negative for meth at this point! So very much to smile about!

Congratulations ladies!  Please send me an email with your address and I will get these subscriptions started for you.


  1. Oh how exciting!
    Thank you so much :)
    I will email you,

  2. I am just tickled as can be to be chosen a winner. Only one problem, I cannot access your e mail address. So I will give you mine and etc,etc, etc,. Sorry for the problem. T

  3. OOOOOH!!!! ANOTHER reason to smile! Thank you for this gift, and I will email you!

  4. Boil Bison funny

  5. We were all winners in this giveaway, since we got to read about everyone's smiles!

  6. So excited! I have sent you an email. Thank you so much!


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