Thursday, February 2, 2012

Post-it Thoughts


  1. The GIMP is my recommendation for photo editing. It's about the level of Paint Shop Pro (formerly from Jasc, now from Corel), so a bit less powerful than Photoshop. It's also free and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's got plenty more than what the free version of Picnik had.

  2. Before getting Photoshop, I used

  3. You're the 1st person I have seen mention Picnik closing.
    I am SO sad!!!! I love that site and all the things you can do with your pictures.
    I hope someone with the knowledge opens another site that is similar.

  4. Seeing your post about speaking English only to Buddy made me realize that he's the only one of your children born to you after you and LV left the Amish church. Do your older kids remember any Pennsylvania Dutch? Why couldn't you teach it to him? It's a part of his heritage. My best friend is Hispanic, and she grew up speaking both English and Spanish in her home. Young children learn languages much easier than older people do.

  5. Hi Mary Ann
    We are waiting for a real snow storm here in Wales too. I LOVE snow and, though in my late 50s , still make ice slides, snowmen and try to persuade passing children with sleds to give me a turn!

    Don't stop speaking to Buddy in Pennsylvania Dutch - it is part of his heritage and, having taught many, many children who speak another language other than English as their first language, it is of great benefit to their mental development and the under 7s are far, far more capable of manging two or more languages than we grown ups do. I now have to resort to speaking Welsh to the cows or cats as DH doesn't understand!

    I use Picassa - but it is of very little importance as I'm useless with all systems.

    Facebook is already getting on my nerves. I am beginning to find it intrusive. Oh, for the quiet days when we had to wait for the postman and people had a chance to think and edit things they may wish they hadn't told to everybody. My poor husband spend much time worrying over the things he sees that his young adult, and normally very sensible, daughter has been up to so far across the ocean.

    Hurrah! Snow is on the way, according to the forecast I just heard on the radio. Hope you get some soon.

  6. We haven't had snow either. It doesn't look like we'll get any this year right now.

    I don't have facebook and I haven't missed it, but now I'm glad I hadn't signed up.

  7. First, I liked the way your post looked today, as if it was on sheets of paper!

    I think it would be good if you spoke to Buddy in Pennsylvania Dutch. Learning a second language is such a positive thing. It really helps with mental development. Plus it is a part of his heritage. What a wonderful opportunity to share with Buddy as you did your other children.

    The Facebook Timeline is a horrible thing. I do not like it at all.

    Yours, Rosemary

  8. I hope buddy grows up speaking both Deitch and English. It would be a loss for him not to.

    People I grew up with are often surprised at how well I still speak Deitch. Too many people give it up after they leave. I choose to continue to speak it well. It is and always will be a part of who I am.

    As a teacher I have encouraged many of my parents to teach their children both English and their native language. Children who are fluent in their native language can easily transfer what they have learned into learning English.

  9. Hi! I didn't know about picnick either. I've never used it but had heard about it.

    Your blog is so pretty! How do you do the post it notes? Cute!

  10. Hi Mary Ann, I'll send you some snow from Canada, LOL I'm looking forward to reading more about you and your family, thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  11. I don't know how babies end up learning two languages so easily but they do somehow. Scott's mom is Cuban and didn't speak Spanish to her kids growing up so Scott had to actually take Spanish 1 in school - too funny!! She wishes now (and so does he) that she would've taught them both. Did I tell you Sara and Scott's nephew Nick, were both in Spanish 1 together at the college they both go to?? LOL! Grandma's a great tutor though. :)

    Anyway, glad you posted about Picnik so I can see what other people are using. I don't have the Timeline yet and I never notice it unless I go to someone's page, but I'm with you - Facebook is getting on my nerves lately, especially with the elections coming up - UGHHHH....

  12. Oh don't stop talking dutch to buddy...he will one day wish he knew dutch when he is around relatives. As a child I was so left out when we get together with dads family. My siblings and I are the only ones who don't/didn't know it, My husband used to be amish, and dutch is is familys first language. After 13 years, I have picked it up and talk it to the children. 3 of us sisters married guys that talk dutch ;)
    I shut my facebook down several years ago. It was starting to control my life, and my children were really suffering from lack of momma time....


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