Tuesday, April 28, 2020

X ~ eXample

    When I take a moment to think of the people who lived their life in such a way that their example inspired me, there are so many different people who come to mind. I won't be able to mention them all today, but I can talk about my biggest example.
     My mother. She was and is an example of contentment, patience, gentleness, kindness, and more.
      I don't remember her ever raising her voice in anger at us children.
      She never complained about things, even when circumstances were complain worthy. For example: Dad started remodeling our upstairs. Totally gutted it. Our downstairs living room and sewing room were serving as a showroom for the furniture he built in our basement woodworking shop. That meant there was only the kitchen left. We crammed all the upstairs furniture into the kitchen. The boys' bed doubled as a place to sit at the table. There were only paths to walk through.
     The remodel took a year instead of the six weeks we thought it would. During that time we had visitors over for meals. Mom never apologized for the way things were.  She simply served them delicious food and good conversation. 
      I know she was happy once the upstairs was complete and she got her kitchen back, but she never murmured or complained about it. 
     She found joy in the little things. She loved singing, she loved writing, she loved reading and learning things, she loved sewing,  she loved gardening, but most of all she loved us.
     I've always said, if I can be even somewhat like my Mom I'll be happy.    


  1. What a wonderful example to have growing up. I too wish I could emulate my angel mother in so many ways!

  2. How beautiful. Such a special tribute to your Mom. Have you told her how much you admire her? I'm sure you have. I know as a Mom of adult children I would love to know that they they I did a good job.

  3. You are so very, very fortunate to have such a mother.

  4. Sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful Mum, I am blessed to.

  5. What a blessing! Your mother is truly an example to all of us.

  6. Oh wow! That is the exact example my mother was too. Never complained and we had a tiny house with 7 kids plus mom and dad. We had the pastor or visiting pastor and family over every single sunday after church. We really didn't know we had no money, because we were so rich with love from mom and dad. So awesome to read how great your mother was too. Thank you for this lovely reminder of how wonderful and Godly my dear mother was. Wendy

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful example to follow.

  8. Sounds like you have a wonderful Mom.

  9. Oh, this is so beautiful! How special that your mom was and is your greatest inspiration... She must feel so blessed to know that!
    I know my mom is the person I admire most...she is also my dearest friend!
    Have a blessed Friday!


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