Thursday, April 23, 2020

T ~ Treasure Maps

     Steven is in a phase where he loves treasure maps. Whether it's a map someone made for him, or one he creates for one of us, most often for me.
     His maps are interesting, and he'll tag along to make sure you follow everything step by step even when you could easily find his treasure after only a glance at his map.
    His treasures vary some, but most often they're nature related. A pine cone, a fun shaped rock, a pile of twigs, a walking stick with the bark carefully peeled off, a dandelion bouquet, and any other little thing he thinks I might enjoy.
     If you ever drive by our house and see me wandering about our yard while holding a piece of paper, you can know I'm off to discover some more hidden treasure from my little man.


  1. That sounds like an interesting hobby you two have going on there!💖

  2. Wonderful memories you're making with him. Treasure each one as I know you will. I would love to still be making memories with our children.

  3. What a sweet young man you are raising! He's come up with a very clever idea.

  4. What fun, it reminds of games I play with the grandchildren. Nothing beats a great treasure map.

  5. Lovely story and so much fun. I'm really enjoying your journey through the alphabet. Blessings to you and your family. Xx

  6. You are also making priceless memories for both you and him.

  7. What a fun and creative pastime. Nice you're encouraging it too.


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