Saturday, April 25, 2020

V ~ Vase

    The vases that have made an appearance in our house have been varied. Anything from actual vases, mason jars, water glasses, and cute cream pitchers have all served as the vessel to display flowers.
     These past few weeks we have had a steady supply of daffodil bouquets gracing the kitchen table. Once they're past their prime the girls will hang them upside down to dry, and bring a fresh bouquet inside.
    Every May LV creates a bouquet featuring Mayapple flowers and any other pretty greenery he finds. He brought me one the first year we were married, and it has become a tradition of sorts by now. I always love them, and display them in a special carnival glass vase.
   The cutest vase substitute ever, was when Steven picked a tiny flower for me, and went on a quest to find something that would work to fit it. For several days I had a thimble on the table to display that flower. It chased warm fuzzies around my heart every time I looked at it.


  1. It's funny how, in a pinch, we can find the perfect vessel for flowers!

  2. That thimble is perfect!!!!! I use all of the same things you do with my favorite being mason jars. They say "home" to me.

  3. Lovely to be able to go out and just walk and pick up the lovely flowers. Hello, I am Kestrel from Malaysia and we are in the 40th day of our lock down. Yellow flowers just bring sunshine into the home. Visit me on jom colour me

  4. I recently discovered that an empty glass spice jar with a lid with large holes makes a great vase for the little flowers children bring in.

  5. I love the thimble vase. That is just so perfect.


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