Thursday, April 2, 2020

B ~ Bleeding Hearts

    I was first introduced to Bleeding Heart flowers the summer I was eight. We had moved to our new home earlier that year and when spring came our yard was transformed into a jungle of flowering plants.
     One of those plants happened to be a Bleeding Heart.
     I immediately fell in love with it. I loved the color, the shape, and really everything about this gorgeous plant. The shape of the flowers reminded me of the shape the prayer coverings my Lancaster girl cousins wore, complete with their flying strings that they never kept tied neatly under their chins as our community was required to do.
    The first time we went to see my grandparents after the Bleeding Hearts started blooming, I ran out to the plant and carefully plucked a few of those hearts off and tucked them into my pocket. Grandma loved flowers, and I was sure she had never seen anything quite so lovely before.
     By the time we arrived the poor flowers were warm and somewhat damaged. Grandma admired them though and said she would try to come see them in person before they were done blooming.
     I'm so glad we have a Bleeding Heart plant growing in front of our house. It makes my heart smile every time I see those sweet little flowers, and brings back a wave of warm nostalgia.


  1. The bleeding heart plant is a favorite of mine too, thank you for sharing such a wonderful childhood memory.

  2. What a sweet memory. It is such a beautiful flower.

  3. Another beautiful memory. A beautiful flower.

  4. I love the bleeding Hearts and remember the plant being easy to grow at home. Now That I live in town, I can’t seem to get them to grow.At lest I have memories .

  5. I also like Bleeding Heart, but I have been 'blessed' with The Thumb of Death. My sister and my eldest daughter can grow cactus in a swamp, but I can't grow the simplest things.

  6. Another sweet memory. Thanks for sharing.


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