Sunday, April 30, 2017

Y ~ Yondering

Yondering definition: The yearning to adventure, to roam, to wander in an unspecific direction toward an indeterminate objective, usually over hill(s)

While not exactly yondering, I'm going to use the word to describe our afternoon. There is this lovely spot that our family enjoys visiting when the weather is nice. We've been talking about going all spring, but it took us until today to finally go.

The wild strawberries are in full bloom. There is a bountiful amount of them and I'm looking forward to go berry picking. Other strawberries don't come close to matching the flavor of these wild ones.

Kenneth gave a detailed presentation of beavers and their work to Steven who was quite impressed with it.

These are some of the prettiest seeds I have ever seen.
So many spring flowers were blooming. Giant lilac bushes, narcissus, bluets, violets, and more all helped add beauty to our "yondering."


 The lake was very calm, but murkier than I have ever seen it. The children still had a lot of fun playing there and watching all the little creatures that were busy at the edge of the water. With barely a ripple on the water, it made that skipping stones worked better than it would have otherwise.

We left, happy and tired with slight sunburns, and plans to go back next weekend.


  1. It looks like a wonderful family afternoon. I miss those days of just Yondering with our children.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I like the word Yondering. It seems an apt description of your adventure with the family.


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