Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U ~ Utterly Underwhelming

.... or at least that is how I'm feeling right now.

As we were going about our day today, Rosie Mae asked what I'll be writing for my 'U' blog post tonight.

"I was thinking I might talk about the Up and Down game," I said. I had just finished playing a round with Steven earlier and it was still fresh on my mind.

"That's a fun idea," she said and we went on with our day. She puttered around the kitchen happily working to invent a new recipe for cupcakes in hopes of creating one in the flavors one of her friends requested for her birthday.

I continued working on my project until it was time to prepare supper. After we ate I spent most of the evening on the phone, first with one of my brothers and then with my Mom. It was the first time, in a long time that I had talked with either of them so that was nice.

When I hung up the phone Rosie Mae informed me she had already made her blog post. I went to read it ..... hmm ... sneaky. She wrote about the Up and Down game, effectively using my idea.

I pawed through my idea books for other 'U' inspired blog posts, but they all feel underwhelming, so instead I'll direct you to her blog where you can read her version of my idea.


  1. I just read Rosie May's blog post, and the Up and Down game sounds like great fun for kids. Some days my ideas are underwhelming too, but I'm glad you persevered today and still posted!

    1. The Up and Down game is a lot of fun, and one of our family favorites.

      I've been feeling underwhelmed with most of my posts during this year's A-Z challenge.

  2. I read her post and it is a unique post. I am sorry that she stole your idea, but your post is unique as well.

    1. I enjoyed reading her post. We often bounce writing ideas off each other, so I'm not upset with her for taking it.


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