Thursday, April 13, 2017

K ~ Kids


    Growing up in an Amish family, the word 'kids' was never used to refer to children. It was more than simply personal preference. The reason behind it was based on how they applied the Bible to their life.
    When asked about it one day by a customer, my parents explained that on judgment day, the Bible says God will separate the sheep from the goats. With the goats not being on the right side, they did not want to call their children baby goats aka kids.
     That explanation has kind of stuck. Although I have occasionally used the word 'kids' I find I still much prefer saying 'children' instead.
   There are a lot of differences between Amish communities, and some will have families that do call their children kids.


  1. Good Evening MaryAnn,

    I, too, prefer to call children "children". Especially since we raise goats ... calling our children "kids" can be rather confusing, especially if it occurs before, after or during a conversation about the kids.

  2. Mother always corrected the terminology. English teachers also did. Still I find I often use it. No harm intended.
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  3. I agree. It's a term that I have never liked.


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