Sunday, April 23, 2017

S ~ Sunday Company Meals

Sunday company meals were always a big deal in our home when growing up. There were two levels of these meals.

The first, while delicious and quite sufficient was not nearly as elaborate as the second one. We never knew if we would be getting company on a Sunday, so we were always prepared. There was always cake and some type of special fruit on hand in case someone dropped in. We would then prepare potatoes and gravy, hamburger, some type of vegetable, applesauce, and homemade bread, butter, and jelly.

The company meal when we had invited guests was much more extravagant. The meal always started off by passing a platter stacked with slices of homemade bread. There were several different options of things to spread on your bread. Besides butter there was jam, a delicious jelly fluff, and honey.

Somehow there was always a set order in which the things were passed around the table. Potatoes were passed first, followed by the gravy. Next came a heaping platter of fried chicken and meatloaf, followed by browned butter noodles.

There had not been time to begin eating yet as more bowls of food were passed. Two types of vegetables, two types of salad, and it was finally time to begin eating. As the main course ended it was time to get into what everyone was looking forward to. Desserts.

It started off with cake, a platter of assorted cookies and bars, and fruit. Once everyone had eaten that a bowl of pudding made its way around the table. The meal was finished off with at least two kinds of pie, some type of fruit pie, and some other kind.

I was talking to the girls about those meals and they were feeling sad that they can't remember ever having an Amish Sunday company  meal. We decided to remedy that, but struck a middle ground between the two normal options.

It's a good thing we love leftovers.


  1. This is very cute, I love the idea of always being prepared for guests :) would love photos if you ever have to continue the tradition !

  2. This is so incredible to read! My approach to visitors is so different - it's always the "what's quick, what's easy?" approach. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into the Amish-style approach. It would be fun to try!!

    P.S. What is jelly fluff?

  3. What delicious, wonderful meals you had! I have two questions- what is jelly fluff? My other question is-Did the Amish community allow cooking on Sundays? What work was prohibited? My family grew up in a community with many Orthodox Jewish families and cooking was forbidden on Shabbat, although some foods could be kept warm and eaten that way.

    Thank you for all your posts- I've enjoyed learning so much from you.

  4. What time would you like us there on Sunday:-)

  5. Wow. I'm sending a link to my husband, who has been known to think that I overdo company meals sometimes. Until I serve my desserts in multiple courses, I think I'm still well within the limits of "reasonable". Right? : )


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