Saturday, April 1, 2017

A ~ Amusing

   Last evening, after a busy day of being out and about, we got home and discovered a very important piece of mail had not made it to the mailbox in the morning.
  We had no choice but run it to the post office. Since we were in town anyway I decided to make a quick stop to pick up a few grocery items.
   It didn't take me long to find what I needed and I headed to the check out. There was only one man there, and he had only one simple little item he needed to pay.
   I waited semi patiently as he painstakingly counted out a dollar and six cents, but then instead of leaving he started talking to the cashier about Amish people. "I can speak Pennsylvania Dutch," he declared importantly. "Vee gates?" (How is it going?) and "Vee bisht du?" (How are you?) he announced proudly.
    I smiled inwardly. Two phrases that Amish will most often teach those who are interested in learning a few words of their language.
   "That's cool being able to speak more than one language, I don't know too much about the Amish, their ways, or their language," the cashier said and then motioned for me to unload my cart.
     The man finally realized someone else had been waiting to pay. He moved out of the way and then asked jokingly, "Can you speak Pennsylvania Dutch?"
     "Jah, ich kann,"(Yes, I can.) I said and tried not to laugh as he got all flustered, didn't understand what I said, and quickly left.


  1. Visiting from A to Z - I am an occasional reader of your blog, and look forward to reading your posts. You were certainly in the right plae at the right time.

  2. haha, sounds a lot like German too

  3. I am Dutch, and Pennsylvania Dutch definitely sounds more like German.

    Loved how you made him go all flustered, made me giggle!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Good luck on the rest of your A to Z challenge

    Sylvia @ The Creative Life

    1. I'm not Mary Ann, but Pennsylvania Dutch sounds more like German because it IS German. It's called "Pennsylvania Dutch" because American tongues turned "Deutsch" into "Dutch".

    2. No, Pennsylvania Dutch is not German. It has similarities, but I would not be able to carry a conversation in German.

      "Sis ken veg iss ich Hoch Deutch shvetza kent fa mah is pwa vatta."

    3. I took German in high school. I live in an Old Order Mennonite community. Definitely not the same!

  4. Cute story!
    I'm going to enjoy checking in on your posts!
    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write - ABUNDNC

  5. A cute story and a beautiful blog. Have visited before in the past. All the best.
    "Female Scientists Before Our Time"

  6. Fun story!
    I'm glad you're doing this again this year. :-)

  7. I am looking forward to reading your A to Z challenge and thanks for starting off with an amusing post. Sure brought a sunny smile to my face, amidst a very wet and rainy day here on the west or rather wet coast! Happy April and I hope this new spring month brings you and all your family many blessings.

  8. An interesting story and I love the name of your blog.

  9. I think it was great that the man had learned a few phrases and was proud of that.

  10. That's cute! Looking forward to your challenge posts.

  11. German was my first language, and I understood what you wrote. As teenagers, we used to "go to town" and pretend we did not understand English. It was fun while it lasted.

  12. I look forward to your April posts and have added you to my reading roll so I can go back and read some of your archived posts. You had me at Amish!

  13. I grew up near the Amish. Always enjoyed riding through the farmlands.

  14. Good Afternoon, MaryAnn. Thanks for the amusing post. I always admire those who are bi-lingual or tri-lingual, etc.

  15. German was my first language, although we stopped speaking it at home during WWII, as my parents didn't want me going to school with a German accent! I manage - barely - with my Amish friends.

  16. That was cute. I have a hard enough time with just English but around here the (2nd) or supposed to be second language is Spanish. I know a little of this and that in Spanish, a few German words, a few French, etc...but I'll stick with English.


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