Monday, April 3, 2017

B ~ B's from my Idea Book

   Earlier this year I had mentioned my idea books, and one of my readers suggested I should do this year's A-Z theme based on the ideas and things I write in those books. I thought it was an interesting option and decided that I'll be sharing bits and pieces from it though out the challenge.

Bucket List - I keep a running list of things I want to do someday, crossing items off as I complete them and adding more when ever I come across something that interests me.

Several items that were crossed off are:

Make homemade vanilla.
Have a book published (surpassed my original goal, and have a series of four books.)
Make every recipe in a cookbook
Do a Pinterest project every week for a year.

Several that I'm still hoping to do someday:

Visit the Library of Congress
Learn how to waterfall braid
Plant a tree
Plan schedule for all 180 days of school before the new school year begins.
Make a blog post every day for a year.

Book Ideas

When a new idea flits through my mind I'll quickly jot it down. Some of these go on to become outlines for books, while others are sitting there waiting for more inspiration.


The amount of ideas I have for potential blog posts could keep me posting daily for several years. I may have to make better use of it.


I plan food,  activities, and gifts for all the birthdays in our family well in advance.


I keep a running list of food and recipes I want to try for breakfast to keep them from getting boring. Without it I find it easy to make the regular eggs, toast, and cereal every morning.


  1. My one item on my bucket list...see the Sistine Chapel in person. Great post!
    Blog hopping from A to Z!

  2. Loved to see your bucket list. I really should work on one for myself or life just passes by without accomplishing much.

  3. I like your list. Reasonably attainable goals. Congrats on the book series!
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. I bet that pinterest challenge was a blast!!!

  5. Great post! Plan schedule for all 180 days of school before the new school year begins....and be able to say you stuck to it would be a HUGE accomplishment.

    1. I should add that although I always had the best intentions, it never quite worked out they way I planned the schedule :-)!


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