Thursday, April 27, 2017

W ~ W's from my Idea Book

Writing Prompts This is such a fun section of my idea books. I have pages of fun prompts I have jotted down for the children to get inspiration for writing short stories. I also have prompts for my own writing, maybe a sentence or two that sparks a fun idea for a possible story line. There are lists of writing prompts for possible essays, blog posts, journals and more.

Wish List This is actually surprisingly small. Yes, there are things I would like to have, but most of them aren't important enough to make it to my wish list. I'm not counting books with this, they have their own sizable list.

Words I have always loved words. When I come across a new word that I want to remember I will write it in the word section of my idea book along with its definition.

Websites You'd think with the ability to save websites to your favorites, and the option to pin basically everything we want to a Pinterest board, that I would not need to write the addresses of websites in my idea books. But yet, I do.

Weight Loss I don't even like this section of my idea book, but I haven't discarded it yet. I could write entire blog posts on the adventures I've had with this category.

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