Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Survived Sandy ~ Hodgepodge

1. What creeps you out?

Quite a lot of things, unfortunately. Besides the obvious mice, spiders, snakes, and bats there is also a list of other things that I find creepy and gives me the shivers.

Detailed medical talk gives me the shivers. My brothers used to love talking about kneecaps to send me running the other direction. In fact the talk they had with LV before we got married instead of a brotherly warning to be good to their sister they informed him to talk about kneecaps if he ever wants me to be quiet or needs some space. Ack!

2. What's your least favorite candy?

My least favorite is a homemade candy made with mashed potatoes mixed with powdered sugar until they were stiff and then rolled out and spread with some type of peanut butter concotion before being rolled up and sliced.

We made them every year for Christmas because they were my Aunt Vernie's favorites.

3. Are you a fan of scary movies? What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I'm far, far away from being a fan of scary movies. The scariest movie I have seen was Jeepers Creepers. I only watched a little bit and went to find something better to do.

4. What part of life confuses you the most?

I know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, but at the same time I sometimes wonder why 'good' people have so much pain and suffering in their life and some 'not good' people seem to have everything going their way.

5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy...what's your favorite seed?

I'm not sure I have a favorite. I really like sunflower seeds especially when seasoned and toasted like we used to do while I was growing up. We used to get them in twenty-five pound boxes and spend several days toasting them to perfection and kept a jar on the counter top where we helped ourselves when ever the munchies attacked between meals.

We used to keep seeds from our pumpkins and dried and toasted them as well. It was fun gathering at the table evenings after supper and work on shelling them while Mom read to us.

I love lemon poppy seed bread. And poppy seed chicken and dressing.

Sesame seeds are also used in our house. Last summer we spent some time in Charleston SC. While there we visited the straw market and someone was giving out samples of benne wafers. I loved them but thought they were a little pricey. after walking farther into the market we came to a booth where they were selling spices. Among their ware were packets of benne seeds. I got some with the intentions of going home and googling for a recipe to make my own benne wafers.

My search for the recipe revealed that benne seeds are also called sesame seeds.

6. Imagine your life ten years from today...what's changed?

The children will be trying out their wings. I will have learned some new cooking techniques. And there will be a generator in the garage waiting to be used during power outages.

7. What do you a) love the most and b) like the least about the Hodgepodge?

I enjoy answering all the questions. A fun blogging prompt for me and after posting I enjoy reading all the answers from the others who joined the hodgepodge. A fun way to learn more about our bloggy friends.

My least favorite part is .......... hmm I'm drawing a blank on that.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

After quite a lot of rain from Sandy it turned to a heavy wet snow which somehow managed to cling to absolutely everything inspite of the wind. That of-course resulted in downed trees and power lines.

Our power went off on Monday and finally came back sometime during the night last night. Thankfully we have a nice coal furnace in the basement that provided toasty heat. We had filled a lot of containers with water which we used at an alarming rate.

We filled bowls with snow and brought them indoors to melt and use to wash dishes. The contents of the refrigerator were nestled into the snow drifts outside the back door to stay cold.

While I was eagerly looking forward to having our power restored the children thought it was all a grand adventure


  1. Loved your post! Sorry your power went out but glad it is back! Blessings!

  2. I love that one of the first things you did when you got power back was do the Hodgepodge! now THERE's a woman with her priorities straight! :-) So glad you are safe and warm. The "Talk" your brothers gave your husband made me laugh out loud - that's too funny. And #2 - um yeah, mashed potatoes have no place in candy. Someone was obviously trying to get rid of their leftover mashed potatoes (or ran out of flour) when they came up with that recipe!

  3. Glad you have survived Sandy! You guys certainly used your intiative and would make great Girl Guides! (Girl Scouts).

    The candy potato thing you describe sounds kinda disgusting though. Ick!

  4. I have to admit that the thought of mashed potatoes (which I love) in candy is NOT appealing to me. ;-)

    So glad that your power is back on ... sounds like you made the best of it, though.

  5. So glad your power is back on and that you joined the post today. I loved your ansers.

  6. So thankful your power is back on and all of you doing well. Sandy sure made a big impact on a lot of people. That candy! Never heard of it, but not sure I'd want to try it. Great post! :)

  7. I've seen recipes that used instant mashed potato flakes for ice cream but not candy. That sounds terrible too.

  8. Glad your power is back on. Enjoyed the post but not sure I would like mashed potatoe candy either.

  9. Glad you have your power back on. I'm not sure I could cope with washing dishes with melted snow!

  10. Being without power is not fun, but glad it came back on farily quickly! Be thankful for that! :)

  11. Glad your power is back on! Mashed potato candy sounds disgusting. LOL. I too have a hard problem with the bad things that happen to good people. It was rough when my brother died... we were a God-loving, Christian family and lost my brother in a car accident-- no drugs, no alcohol, nothing... yet other people can go out and murder people and get away with it. It was a hard lesson to learn.

    Found you through the Hodgepodge.


  12. The power out adventure does sound like it might be faun for kids...for a night...then back to normal. I hope the power is back for you soon!

    The candy sounds...well, like I'd probably still eat it before marshmallows or black licorice, but not as a first choice!

  13. Glad you all are okay! Sandy was a BIG one!

  14. Mashed potato and peanut butter candy? I can see why that might be your least favorite!

  15. Thanks for stopping by! I've never heard of a candy made with mashed potatoes, ugh, not so sure about that. Loved your answer to #4 and agree.

    Happy rest of the week!

  16. Losing power always seems like a adventure to me too..although maybe not so grand of one :) I do like burning my oil lamps tho and candles...blessings to you Mary Ann.

  17. Enjoyed your answers and glad you guys survived Sandy! I have made the candy you are talking about. I try to make at least one new kind every year before Christmas along with our favorites, but needles to say the potato candy did not make the favorite list. lol
    until next time... nel

  18. It's funny you mentioned knee caps because now I'm thinking of Joe Namath's knee-ewwwww : )

    So glad you had your power restored. We still have friends here without power and our snow came post Sandy which didn't do anything to improve the situation. On the bright side-we're supposed to hit 60 this weekend and I'm praying people can dry out a little.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. About that medical talk that gives you the creeps....

    One of my boys has always been insatiably curious, and he used to like to read the encyclopedia. Once when he was about 5-6 years old he had been quietly reading the A volume when he suddenly threw it down and burst out crying.

    He finally calmed down enough to tell me that he had been reading the "Anatomy" entry and had come to several pages of transparencies showing all the g(l)ories of the human body in layers of distressing color. He concluded with "It made me scared of myself."


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