Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. In what ways do you indulge yourself?

The only way I have been able to indulge myself for longer than I care to think has been chocolate and even that hasn't been often.

2. Have you ever taken a cooking class? Any interest? What type of class would you most like to try?

I have never taken a cooking class but, I would love to. If I could I would really enjoy going to culinary school as well as learn more about cake decorating.

3. What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Good citizens obey laws, are good neighbors, and take care of their little corner of the earth.

4. 'Tis the season of the political these ads influence your vote?
No, all these political ads do not influence my vote but, they successfully annoy me. Signs planted in yards, bumper stickers, and long Facebook rants don't sway me either.

5. What's something you see today that makes you wish you were a kid again?
There seems to be moments everyday when I think it would be fun to be a child again. Seeing our children carefree, living in the moment, the things that they get to enjoy including sleeping longer and their boundless energy all make me wish I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to grow up.

6. What's your least favorite cliche?

There are quite a few but one that has always bugged me was when some says, "Let me put a bug in your ear." 

Eww, no thank-you. I prefer keeping my ears bug free.

Also where did, "at the crack of dawn" come from?  So far in my life dawn has always arrived very quietly.

7. What percentage of your Christmas shopping has been completed? How does that make you feel?
A big fat 0%  Most years I would be making plans already and have some shopping done but this year Christmas seems to be the last thing on our minds. With so much sorrow in the family Christmas seems to have lost some of its appeal. Hopefully once the snows come we'll get into the spirit.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Buddy loves playing in the leaves when ever he has a chance.
Winter seems to be right around the corner though. It actually snowed very nicely on Monday with huge beautiful flakes. The ground was still warm enough that it melted almost immediately. I'm hoping for a few more weeks of autumn.


  1. Aaahhh, Christmas! And I'm happy to say, I have a few gifts tucked away already. We had snow last week, which really had me thinking about this beautiful season.

  2. I don't want a bug in my ear, either, nor do I want anyone to 'pick my brain.' Crack of dawn means noise to you, but it means a teeny sliver of light to me. I wear hearing aids so light, not noise, wakes me up. :-)

  3. Love that sweet picture of your little one :) Blessings

  4. Buddy is so cute! You had snow? Lovely. We have been nearly cold enough at night, but no flakes as of yet.

  5. That picture of Buddy makes me smile!

  6. When my grandparents took my mom and aunt for early morning trips, they would tell them that if they were really, really quiet, they would hear the crack of dawn. They fell for it every time!

    Buddy's picture is really cute - our leaves are just now starting to color and come down.

  7. Still lots of leaves on the trees here, but they are so pretty. Adorable picture of your little guy!

  8. Buddy looks so happy to be in the leaves. What a blessing your children are.



  9. nice post thanks for sharing..found you thrue other blogs..looking for to visit more..blessings

  10. I'm laughing at the "bug in your ear" comment. I never thought about that literally before.


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