Thursday, October 11, 2012


Anna M.  commented on a post where I had shared how I used to read late into the night using a flashlight.

What was an Amish girl doing with a flashlight?

Since Amish people don't use electricity most of them have far more flashlights than average Americans.

We used to keep at least one in each room. Every bedroom had one on the nightstand next to the bed. Cheap disposable flashlights were tucked under our pillows when we were children where they would be easy to find if we needed them.

We each got a really good one when we turned sixteen and joined the youth. They were essential in helping us find our coats and boots in the dark after hymn singings were over and finding our way to the correct buggy. Boys needed them to see to hitch up horses on Sunday evenings.

Basically any Amish home you go to once it's dark you will see flashlights being used.


  1. I (mistakenly) thought that battery powered counted as electric. I would have thought there were lots of candles after dark.

  2. That is so interesting, I never would have thought they used flash lights. I would have thought candles or lanterns too.

  3. It is dog gone dark in the country at night so I am not surprised they use them.

  4. So does no electricity mean not hooked up to the power grid? Would wind or solar powered electricity with a fully wired individual house be okay?

  5. I had pretty much the same question as Unknown. Electricity is what powers flashlights. Is the source of the electricity the issue for the Amish?

  6. I got each of my kids a good flashlight for Christmas one year because you just never know when the power will go out. A good flashlight is like a good knife, once you use a good one, it's hard to go back to the cheapy kind ~ although we've got couple of those as well. Those are perfect for children, like you all had when you were younger. Have a good Sunday ~ ♥

  7. Years ago, before children and marriage, I used to live in an area with a lot of Amish. I worked at a hardware store, and batteries and flashlights were 2 of our biggest sellers. During the summer months, they also bought a lot of cold rootbeer--we had an old refrigerator in the front that had bottles of rootbeer in it, They would bring their bottles back for a 5 cent deposit.


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